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“Vertu for Bentley” a luxurious smartphone

Automaker Bentley collaborated with luxury smart phone maker Vertu to create a phone simply called Vertu for Bentley.  This was announced earlier this month and it’s sticker price still has some people’s jaws on the floor.  A Vertu for Bentley will only set you back an easy $16,000 well to be more exact it’s $15,896 but whose counting right?

The price does come with some “value” though.  The Vertu includes a 4.7 inch sapphire crystal display with 1080 x 1920 pixels, LTE, stereo speakers, quad-core snapdragon 801 processor with speeds of 2.3 GHz, 64 GB, and a 2275 mAh battery.  Now we all know smartphones these days are more like smart cameras, so of course this comes with a 13MP camera on the back and 2.1 MP on the front. Oh by the way the speakers come from electronic powerhouse, Bang & Olufsen.

Vertu-Bentley-Signature-Touch-01 Vertu-Bentley-Signature-Touch-02 Vertu-Bentley-Signature-Touch-05

It will be operating Android 4.4 KitKat from the store and will come fully adorned with Bentley’s logo and a standard calf leather case of course. It will feature a custom Bentley app and a 3D animated start up sequence. There will only be 2,000 of these bad boys made so you better start cashing in on some stocks, children’s college funds, or selling family heirlooms to grab yours soon.

For many of us this is about as close as we will ever get to saying we own a “Bentley”. However I hope most of us realize the fact that this luxury phone still doesn’t have wheels and can’t get us to and from work to pay our bills makes it an unwise purchase.

We are still impressed by the Vertu for Bentley nonetheless as it screams elegance, sophistication, too-much-money, and technology built for those who can afford it.  So if you are faced with the question should I buy 16 iPhones…then maybe this would be a space saving option for your pockets! Still it pulls off the Bentley of smartphones looks if we’ve ever seen one. What do you think?