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Polaroid Cube-the poor man’s GoPro?

When I first saw this product it caught me off guard for two reasons, 1) Someone dare challenge the all amazing GoPro and 2) The price.

Let’s go over the first reason.  GoPro has all but established a dominance in this adventure camera arena.  Yes there have been other models to try and get a piece of the pie, but most have been but blips on the radar. Maybe its been poor marketing or subpar performing cameras that most people just skip only to be forced into the expensive GoPro.

Now I don’t want to take anything away from what GoPro has been able to accomplish.  They have a great product, its versatile, functional, high quality, and not  too insanely priced. However for the average person who doesn’t make a living filming their adventures the GoPro can be a bit excessive.

This leads me into the 2nd reason the Polaroid Cube made my neck snap and further inspect this unique looking piece of filming equipment.  The cost is $99. No typo there, no missing 2, 3, or even 4.  The price fits right in with the other products that attempted to fill the gap between normal and GoPro expensive, but this is different.

The reason why the Polaroid Cube is a game changer in my eyes is that it effectively does what the GoPro does but cheaper and if i may make a bold statement…better!  The durability of the cube over time has yet to be seen but it offers a standard housing that is already a magnet, with a durable shell before even adding the water proof housing.  It’s a lot smaller and already has the optional attachments that most GoPro users need.  It has the plug and play feel that comes with most Apple products which means its easier to use. Heck with some of these photo tips you’ll be making art from your adventures before you know it! Check out some of our pics with it in our review about Shark Valley in the everglades.

The cube should be an effective means to revive an age old name brand in the film industry.  The name recognition alone will drive sales of these mini cameras. Let’s not forget some of the specs because it may look cool but it has to do what we need right? Well it comes capable of recording up to 90 minutes with its battery, of course 1080p quality, a 6 MP still photo camera, 124 degree wide angle lens, up to 32GB micro SD card, and its weatherproof/splash proof.

It comes with the regular options for cases and mounts like GoPro but I have to say the Monkey Stand is our favorite.  So for the cost, we feel that this is really a great action mountable camera that every guy could use to capture his daily life. Stocking stuffer? Ohhh yeah?!

Get yours here and don’t forget to get the cases!