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Dollar Shave Club: should you join?

With No Shave November coming around the corner and trending hashtags like #MoustacheMonday being used on social media Gear Guide for Men thought it should take a look at this Dollar Shave Club that has been marketed so well.  In the past year or two the manly beard has made a strong comeback but there are those who haven’t made the switch to the burly lumberjack look and choose to maintain that smooth look which some ladies still claim to prefer!  Most beards and facial hair still needs to be maintain and controlled to avoid the “Robin Williams fresh out of the Jungle in Jumanji look”.

This is where a good old fashioned razor comes in!  The art of shaving is making a strong comeback as more and more men are finding that they should try and take care of their face rather than let it feel like a steel wool brush that could clean bugs off a chrome bumper.  Razors have made huge leaps in innovation of technology and prices are rising on each and every new razor that comes out!  No one wants to be spending that kind of money to constantly keep buying fresh sharp blades, so that leads to dull blade usage, which leads to uncomfortable shaves, which no one likes and now we’re at No Shave November…or something like that.  The point is Dollar Shave Club is here to save money in a way like never before.

Their packages literally start at just $1 per month for a 2 blade razor but you have to add shipping and handling. Now I haven’t used a 2 blade razor since the 90’s so why don’t we see what I think a better option and value would be.  The 4 blade middle of the road option includes shipping and handling and only costs $6/month.  Now compared with how much one might spend on their own constantly replacing razors at a local drug store or grocery store, the Dollar Shave Club is going to save you a lot of money year over year!

Let’s not forget they offer Shave Butter, post shave care and wipes as well to offer the complete shave package all from one company.  They are based in California and allow cancellation at any time so there’s no fear of contract.  The best part of all is that if you are a guy like me who prefers to let a little stubble grow in over a few days and shave less often then you can get your fresh razors delivered over other month.

So guys do yourself a favor sign up, shave with fresh razors, keep your face maintained whether you go full beard, baby’s bottom smooth, or even fu-manchu style Dollar Shave Club is a smart option for your face and your wallet.


All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this product review