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spitfire kayak

Steer clear of this kayak

On a recent trip to North Georgia a group of us wound up at a lake renting some kayaks. I’ve owned kayaks for some 8 years. I’ve used quite a few different types and brands of kayaks.  The rental place said they had enough kayaks for us. We only rented 2 tandems and 2 singles. It was a quiet day on the lake but low and behold we were stuck with one regular 11 foot kayak and…a Spitfire kayak.

We first question if this was even built to handle an adult because it was not very big. Based on the size I’d say this was the 8 foot version (there is a 6 ft version as well).  We were assured yes this is for adults. So to start off my wife being lighter than myself tried this kayak out and made it all of 100 yards to the nearest shoreline before almost trying to sink the damn thing herself. As a gentleman I offered to switch and try to use this dingy of a kayak for our trip.

She was NOT wrong. I felt like I was an ant floating on a leaf in this middle of this lake. Each time I paddled the nose would swerve sharply to that side. I’m not sure why anyone would invest in this kayak. The only saving grace was that it floated. There was no steering and the numerous counter strokes to keep moving in some general direction slowed the kayak down a lot. This was not a very big lake luckily. I can only imagine buying this kayak for small kids maybe 10-12 years old.  The website says adults but this is not a good buy for an adult looking to kayak. Perhaps people are interested in this because of the small size for storage and transportation. I’ve seen quite a few boats with these on the back of their swim platforms, but these are not ideal for kayaking to and from somewhere.

This kayak left such a foul taste in my mouth that I thought I’d share this review with all of you so you’d know that not all kayaks are as advertised. There is a reason why most kayaks start at around 11ft. So follow this tip if the kayak looks like a bath tub playtoy it probably is! This is a great go to Ocean Kayak  for anyone looking to buy. Fairly inexpensive, rugged, durable, lightweight, easy to maneuver, and fun. Good luck in your next kayak search and happy paddling!