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Ortho Home Defense DIY Bug and Pest Control to Kill and Prevent Bugs

Ortho Home Defense: DIY Pest Control

For years I paid for a pest control guy to come and spray my house on a monthly basis. Down here in South Florida where the homes were built practically into the everglades, this was crucial. I finally discovered a way to use Ortho Home Defense properly to handle my pest control myself.

I’m the type of guy who hates to have any bugs crawling in and around his house. I never understood how people could just let ants wander around their kitchen counters or have spiders crawling around their rooms at night. Yes, I understand there is an eco-system and an order of life for these insects and some “help” by eating others. However, I just can’t live with them in my house.

My first home wasn’t a mansion by any means but the rate I was paying someone to come and spray my house to keep the bugs out was getting ridiculous. ¬†At the time I was doing some side work with a friend of mine who did property management. One day on the job he told me we were going to be doing some pest control. He explained how he had his license to use all sorts of chemicals, but he chose to use something much simpler. He reached into the truck and pulled out the Ortho Home Defense. He says, “I swear by this stuff, you can pick it up right at Home Depot and its so easy to use.”

I had to test it out for myself, I’m a budget conscious person and the value of spraying something that costs roughly $25 per year versus the almost $300 for the frequent bug spraying was something I couldn’t pass up.

Here’s the truth, just like with normal pest control spraying this isn’t 100% bug proof. You can’t control the weather elements on the outside of your house where you spray this, which does wear down the barrier. Due to the immense amount of rain we get down here I find myself re-spraying about every 4-6 months. The jug will last me usually about a full year for a roughly 2800 sq ft house. I tend to focus mostly on the outside and once a year spray the inside.

There is a method to using this however. The trick is to spray a perimeter around the entire base of the home about 1 foot above the ground. Then encircle any outlet, light fixture, door frame, window, and any other hole in the outside of the home. If you have a second story you may opt to get a ladder and do the second story windows. I find that by going inside the house to do the inside of the upstairs windows does just fine though.

It never leaves a stain, it doesn’t have an odor and leaves my wallet a lot thicker than the option of using a pest control service.

Check out our youtube video for more tips on how to use the Ortho Home Defense.