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WOW Airlines $99 USA to Europe

WOW Air $99 from USA to Europe!

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In October of 2014, budget airline WOW Air announced it would be operating flights from Iceland’s capital of¬†Reykjavik to Boston and Baltimore for as low as $228. This was a major announcement in itself and was very popular amongst US travelers itching to hop on board. WOW Air began operations in 2012 and has been a very successful, even though it does operate with an ultra low cost operating structure, which means it charges for almost everything!

Don’t be afraid though, this is not like some other budget airlines with poor customer service or treating customers like animals. Gear Guide for Men was able to contact an American using this airline throughout Europe and states that they don’t treat you like cattle. Here is his statement:

“The answer [We asked what people thought of the airline] is great. Just flew them to Iceland from Berlin (albeit not to USA, I do have experience with them). You don’t get treated like cattle such as on Ryanair either. I am an American, and do expect good customer service! Also flew Norwegian Airs new long haul from USA to Copenhagen which only cost $179, and although they used brand new Boeing Dreamliners, they don’t talk to you onboard unless you purchased food. They also have horrible customer service via their telephone hotline and limited hours. WOW Air was surprisingly great!” – Justin W.

WOW Airlines $99 from US to Europe

What’s even better news is like the title suggests, they are now offering flights as low as $99 from the US to Iceland. The airline encountered a very strong demand from both sides of the Atlantic, which meant not only did they increase the launch dates for some flights but also lowered the rates! They will be departing from BWI as early as May 8 instead of the previous date of June 4. Plus instead of the original plan to use BWI as only a seasonal route it will now offer year round flights.

For years there has been notoriously limited options when flying from the US to Europe, which drove costs up. This could be the reason why WOW Air has been so successful in this market. The $99 deals are not on every flight however and those seats do sell out very fast when they are offered. So Bargain hunters better be on top of your game! Still, their rates are very reasonable and as we’ve heard first hand from an American passenger Gear Guide exclusive, it’s not a bad airline either. If you have thoughts on budget airlines, WOW Air or other international travel tips, then please leave a comment below.