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Case Coolie Product Review

When I came across the Case Coolie, I was in shock and disbelief to be quite honest. ┬áThe claim that really caught my attention wasn’t the fact that it would keep your drinks cold for 10+ hours, it was the fact that it could do this with NO ice! Being in South Florida we unfortunately don’t have cases of beer that come in the size that this was designed for. I know right? Why don’t they sell 30 racks in Florida?! Anyways I wasn’t going to let that stop me from giving this a solid review!

First I’ll tell you a little bit about the bag/cooler/partypack carrying awesome box that is the Case Coolie. The one we received thanks to Case Coolie, was a nice solid red! It has an outer later that I can only compare to a wet suit material like a Neoprene. This adds to its durability and as a bonus it doesn’t slide all over like a regular plastic cooler does. It has one end that encloses the case with multiple long velcro strips so it doesn’t pop open when carrying. The case is wrapped with straps to carry and has a short handle and a strap as well. The inside is lined with an aluminum lining that reflects and does the majority of the cooling work for the Case Coolie.

Here are some pictures of the Case Coolie we received for this review:

Side to open:

case coolie product review to keep beer cold without ice


Right side:

case coolie cooler outdoors

Left Side:

Case Coolie Gear Guide for Men Tailgating Cooler


Inside case coolie cooler for 30 pack of beer

Now to test this cooler since I didn’t have exact sized box of beer that this was designed for I wanted to at least see if it could keep 24 beers cold and handle the weight. I packed this cooler and headed out on my Ocean Kayak. In the hot south florida sun I was half expecting my beer to arrive at my destination island luke-warm at best. However, after a few hours of paddling and the beer being pounded by the hot florida sun, I was surprised to find all of the beers were very cold! We didn’t get to test the full 10+ hours but 6-8 hours in the Florida sun is about 10 if you ask me!

With Football season quite a few months away you still have time to order one and get it early because this is the ultimate Tailgating cooler! No ice! No leaky mess or water after? Keep 30 beers cold and be able to carry it on your shoulder! No too shabby if you ask me!

If you would like you’re very own Case Coolie and live in the US, just share this post and tag @GearGuideforMen and #CaseCoolie on twitter or Facebook to enter. We will draw a winner at random to win this!