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Top 10 apps for men by Gear Guide for Men

Top 10 Apps for Men

I’m just going to jump right into this because this post might get a bit lengthy. I compiled a list of 10 apps that every guy could probably use at least once! And no, sorry, but “Hitch’s guide to landing your dream woman” app didn’t make the cut, so you’re on your own. However these top 10 apps for men should help you get through the rest of life just fine!

  1. SAS Survival Guide/Lite: There is a free version for those who want just the basics for survival. This is based off the bestselling book that has sold millions of copies. It really is simple and easy to access the elite training techniques.  What guy doesn’t want to have over 400 pages of world-class survival skills in his pocket?! It’s got some pretty cool videos and pictures of animal tracks, knots, edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, sea creatures and snakes! Morse code signaling device comes included too! If you’re serious about surviving practically anything life can throw at you then this is a must have app!
  2. Fishidy: Any guy, whether amateur or pro-angler could use this app! It’s extremely easy to use and provides immediate access to some of the best fishing information a guy could want. This app combines with the full-featured Fishidy website to provide the most advanced, location-based fishing app that gives them ways to find fish faster on thousands of the most popular waterways across the U.S. It even has fishing tips and the maps are incredibly detailed.
  3. Fishing knots lite: Well once you find a good spot you’re going to need to get hooked up and land a fish! You’ll need the right knot! This app is very easy to use and understand, which is helpful for understanding how to tie a good knot. Each knot gives the information needed for load, line, hooks, lures, baits swivels and more. The best part of this app is that once installed it doesn’t need internet access to run and operate which is great for those of us who find themselves in the great outdoors!
  4. Alltrails: Speaking of finding yourself in the great outdoors…this app will get you there and back! This app is pretty incredible! It actually one the #1 outdoors app on iPhone. Carry access to 50,000 trails across North America in your pocket! What’s great is that the app is curated by the over 3.5 million people who’ve downloaded it. So you can easily find the best trail to hike, bike, run, all sortable by length, rating, and difficulty level! Plus is provides information on dog-friendly, wheelchair-friendly, and even kid-friendly.
  5. Pocket Universe: This app can truly make your jaw drop by transporting you to galaxies far, far away! The app gives you access to over 80,000 stars with beautiful textures! The visuals aren’t the only thing that impresses! Use the built-in compass and your phone’s camera as well with this app to provide the names and information right at your fingertips! Don’t just explore earth with this app, travel into space! (This may or may not have been included based on cool factor alone)
  6. Car Care 101: Let’s face it guys, you should know at least something about cars. Know you don’t necessarily need to know how to do everything under a hood (that can be pretty dangerous for you and your car!). It’s fairly simple to use and the videos are quite helpful. This saves a ton of time staring at an engine block scratching your head or searching YouTube videos for hours.
  7. iHandy Carpenter: This was voted #1 Father’s Day app by CNN, and for good reason. You get 5 quality and handy tools in one app. You get a plumb bob, a surface level, a bubble level, steel protractor, and steel ruler! Be sure to calibrate the plumb bob, surface and bubble level before serious usage, plus they can be used as an inclinometer/clinometer by reading the angles. The app is really helpful and easy to use providing directions on how to use each tool!
  8. Photo measures: Throw out the poorly drawn sketches on napkins of your master bed room that you’re trying to have your contractor understand! This app is great to use your phone’s own photos and place the measurement lines and number right into the picture. This is really helpful to ensure things fit into your spaces for decorating and constructing. Simple and easy to use with a functioning zoom to add in even more measurements.
  9. Handy Man DIY: Tackle almost any project with this app! There are incredibly detailed how to videos and instructions. Remove the guess work out of shopping with prebuilt material lists for common household projects or build your own list! The pricing estimator helps to figure out if your project is within budget too! There are literally too many awesome DIY features in this app to list!
  10. Packing Pro: This award winning app gives you control over one of the most worrisome tasks in life…packing. Never again will you forget to bring that jacket you needed on a trip or any other essential item. For those of us who travel and constantly on the go, things slip our minds and when you’re away from home, those mistakes can be costly. The astonishing amount of extras that go into this app that are beyond the basic packing list are incredible. I mean seriously? Built-in Expert assistance?! Wow.

Some of these apps are free and some are not, but believe me, they each hold a real value for having in your phone. If you have any other apps that you think should go on the list of Top 10 apps for men, leave a comment.

Life Hacks for your car

Life Hacks for your Car

I haven’t yet touched on the topic of cars or trucks in this blog yet. Which stinks because it is something I really love! However I’m not a master mechanic so I try not to get in over my head when it comes to certain topics. I do want to share some simple life hacks for your car or truck that can help you out in your day to day driving life. No I’m not going to suggest things like re-routing your windshield sprayer lines into your car so you can have your drinks filled…cool thought though. No these are some simply tips and suggestions just to make your life easier in better when it comes to your car.


Have a large truck or just a tight space in your garage? Use half of a pool noodle and screw it to the wall where you open your door like the picture below. Save your doors, your walls, and your time from carefully opening the door each time worrying about if you’re gonna hit the wall!

life hack for your car by using a pool noodle in your garage to protect your car door

I may not speak for all the guys here but sometimes the inside of my truck can become a little RV of sorts. At all times I carry in my truck essential items like one full change of clothes, a tool kit, roadside repair bag, maybe even some non-perishable foods, and a towel/rag.  This means sometimes there can be some “debris” lets say from eating on the road or whatever I get into.  To keep the mess to a minimum it helps to have an actual garbage can by using a plastic Cereal Container like so.

life hacks for your car by using a plastic cereal container as a garbage can in your car

Aside from my truck I have a daily driver small SUV which is really more or less a CUV. This is my roadtripper vehicle, the one that I bought to get the 30+ MPG while still being able to fit 4 people and a cooler full of fish and luggage inside.  With that being said, a small vehicle makes you get creative with your storage space.  Need to fit a long item in there but can’t lay the seats down? Ran out of room in the back but have more stuff?  Use those extra few inches of headroom by either strapping bungee cords from coat hanger/oh-shit handle to the other and boom instant fishing rod holder! For the smaller items a mesh Cargo Net can be bungeed up there for added storage space.

Life hack for your car by using a bungee cord along the roof for extra storage in your car

Finding a car you like means you’ll most likely be keeping it around for a while. Some parts may not look the same as they did when it was new. For example those foggy looking headlights.  This once does require a little bit of extra scrubbing but should key word “should” get them looking new without having to pay for it.  Use a whitening toothpaste to cover the entire lens and thoroughly rub it in. Then once it has been completely covered rinse of with water.

Life hacks for your car by cleaning your plastic headlights with toothpaste

Now this next tip is for those of us with a vehicle which might be missing a part or two. Yeah so what I don’t have a shifter knob! Who needs buttons on a dashboard?! Well if you’ve somehow lost your cup holder in your car well then grab a shoe! It’s not pretty but it can get the job done and keep your big gulp from spilling fruit punch all over your “pristine” interior.


Now I don’t know about you but I’m not sure which spawn of satan invented the design of the keyring. But my battered fingers and finger nails will tell you that this solution is a saving grace! Use a staple remover to help you out to open the key ring for you.  Now most of you may not have a plethora of office supplies in your garage but I would maybe suggest grabbing a pair of Split Ring Pliers which I have for fishing purposes. They’re perfect for doing this job and you can bring them with you on your next fishing trip.

Life hack for your car keyring

Lastly, there is nothing more amazing in this world than a nice hot pizza! Wait how did we get to hot pizza? Heat warmers in your seat thats how! Huh? Yeah! Use your heat warmers in your passenger seat to help keep your hot pizza warm during the drive home from! Ok so its not a warming lamp or a brick oven but hey, every little bit helps so you can savor that nice melted cheese when you get home!

Life hack for your car to keep your pizza warm in your front seat


I hope you picked up one or two life hacks for your car that might actually help you out! Leave a comment with any life hacks for your car that you know of and share with your friends.

dad-shoe for the men with dad-bod

Avoid the “Dad-Shoe”

It hit me a few weeks ago when returning from a business trip. If there is a such thing as a “dad-bod” now, then there is most certainly a dad-shoe. Now just like a dad-bod, the dad-shoe isn’t always exactly the same shoe however its usually an all-white or all-black shoe with no unique markings or styling that has been made the same for the past decade! An example might be the Nike Mens Air Monarch IV which has been one of the top selling shoes for years and no the sneaker heads aren’t buying them. Perhaps its the idea of versatility that these shoes possess to allow certain men to feel that they can wear them from the gym, to the sports field, to a date night with the wife…I mean they’re leather and bright white…that’s classy right? No. No it is not!

examples of the dad-shoe

Please understand I am not recommending men go out and begin buying matching shoes for their workout attire. Although Chucks do come in a lot of colors…I mean a lot! But back to the point at hand. Your “sneaker” ,as most dad’s might call, them should never double as a casual shoe.  I am not writing a fashion blog but I am writing this so men can learn to buy shoes for function and some fashion benefit. Technology has come a long way since most of these dad-shoes first hit the market and that means you’re not wearing the latest and greatest. Not that you need to be paying an arm and a leg for your gym shoes or everyday sneakers. It just means you need to upgrade for the same price as there are plenty of other options on the market for about the same price.

Gym/Athletic shoes should be chosen based on most often use. For example if you’re buying a running shoe to lift weights and occasionally do some light cardio and maybe a long distance run every now and then, you’re buying the wrong shoe.  That doesn’t mean to go and buy those lifting shoes with the wooden heel, it just means look to buy more of a cross training shoe. The Under Armour Strive IV Training Shoes are a great choice and hey look you get upgraded advances in shoe technology for about the same cost as the dad-shoe! And will you look at that! They’re not big and clunky and “gasp” they have color!

Casual shoes need to be versatile for everyday use to transfer from a possible casual business lunch to a night out on the town. Break away from the loafers and get something that shows you’re a little adventurous. This will not perform like an athletic shoe and they won’t look as stuffy as the shoes you wear to an office. So grab something simple enough to not scream metrosexual or anything else because if you’ve been wearing dad-shoes this long I doubt you’re the attention seeking type. This Original Penguin Men’s Quest Sneaker might be perfect for you. Now that’s not a bad modern looking shoe for about $50.

I know we’ve just doubled the average dad-bod guy’s shoe collection but trust me, you’re feet will thank you when you put on the athletic shoes and everyone in your immediate surroundings will thank you when you put on the casual shoes! So remember when your dad-shoes finally give out…don’t just order the same pair again!


winter fishing tips and tactics

Winter Fishing Tips and Tactics

Many of us don’t like to let a little cold weather stop of us from enjoying the great outdoors. Who doesn’t love fishing year round?! Well we present to you some of the best Winter Fishing Tips and Tactics presented by

Fishing through the winter months can be very rewarding for a number of reasons. Cold temperatures keep fair-weather anglers home and hunting seasons lead many anglers to trade lakes for the woods. Winter is also the time of year when most freshwater species group up. The result: more fish for cold-weather anglers. During the coolest months of the year, preparation, research, and the proper tackle can make for memorable fishing trips.

Pick the Perfect Spot

The first step in a successful fishing trip, no matter what species is being targeted, is to know where to go. The internet has a wealth of useful tools to guide anglers to fishing meccas. Department of Natural Resources or Wildlife and Fisheries websites are great resources for information about local lakes, and will detail what types of fish they have to offer, what times of the year provide the best angling for certain species, and any creel limits.

If the impoundment is run by the Corps of Engineers, a visit to their website provides lake levels and current flow predictions. Both conditions can affect safety and success. Very high lakes or ones experiencing overflow conditions will limit your chances, especially during cold-water months. Avoid a lake or river with high current or predictions for high current. Not only will the fishing be difficult, but elevated currents can also be dangerous and generate debris in the waterway. Look for lakes and rivers that are in normal winter condition and have a stable or natural current.

With a quick online search, it’s easy to find catching information as well. Most lake marinas have a website with up-to-date reports on which species are biting the best. Internet fishing forums are another good resource. Check out for national information, or utilize regional websites such as They can save you hours of fruitless effort.

Find the Right Time to Go

While many of us have to plan fishing around work schedules, the weather is another consideration. A look at the forecast can narrow down which days will be more productive. Keep in mind that, while the best fishing conditions may not be the most comfortable for anglers, some conditions are sure to improve catching odds. Weather fronts affect the activity level of all freshwater species. In general, fish are more active prior to a front and less active after it. Whenever possible, optimize your chances by planning fishing trips just prior to the passing of a cold front. Since, however, most anglers are limited to fishing on the weekends, regardless of the weather conditions, here are some tips for fishing post-front conditions.

Low barometric pressure always precedes a front. After the front passes through, the barometric pressure will be high, bringing winds from the north or northeast and preventing clouds from forming in the sky. This will create picturesque days but not always the most fruitful fishing conditions. The bright sun, however, can be used to anglers’ advantage. During winter months the sun’s global position is further south in the sky. This allows it to shine very strongly on northern banks. A northern bank also prevents the cold, north wind from hitting the water. Wind protection and bright sun mean the water will warm faster during the day in these areas. For this reason, concentrate efforts on these northern bank lines.

During the winter, the best fish-catching times are typically between 10 am and 4 pm. That’s not to say a couple won’t bite at daybreak and dusk – they will just be few and far between. Take the opportunity to sleep in and enjoy a more comfortable fishing experience with the warming day.

Winter Fishing Tips - Choosing the Best Location

Gather Your Equipment

In general, winter fishing puts extra strain on fishing equipment. After determining where to go, make sure all your equipment is up to the task. To start, make sure the reels are in good working order. A reel bearing that was noisy or stiff under warmer conditions will completely fail in the cold. Old grease and oil will thicken, making reels difficult to use. To prevent frustration, clean and lubricate them. That way, when the perfect fish is hooked, you’ll be able to land it. If you’re not comfortable disassembling and cleaning reels, repair shops will perform this service for around $25 a reel – money well spent.

Cold winter conditions will make monofilament and fluorocarbon line difficult to manage. A line conditioner such as KVD Line and Lure, Reel Magic, Bass Pro, or Ardent will keep the line supple and prevent line twist, helping reduce backlashes and tangles. Use this same conditioner on rod guides to prevent water from freezing in them. Water from fishing line collects in the guides of a rod and, if it’s cold enough, will freeze and eventually stop the line from passing through the eyelet. Lastly, since it’s winter, there’s no need to worry about fish getting tangled in vegetation. Smaller diameter lines are just fine and will help prevent the effects of twist and stiffness.

Winter Fishing Tips - Use Gear to Stay Warm

Choose the Best Bait

Lure choice in the winter months can be difficult; however, a few basic tips will greatly improve success. Live bait is the best choice, because it will react to the water naturally. Typically, anglers work artificial baits too quickly for the winter conditions. Both forage and predators are cold-blooded creatures and the cold water slows their metabolisms, making them move slowly. Bait that moves unnaturally quickly will turn fish away. Anglers trying to mimic these forage species should slow down their presentations to a methodically sluggish retrieve. Most anglers simply can’t fish slowly enough with artificial baits to accurately mimic the speed and movements of forage during winter temperatures. Live bait will be more enticing. Minnows or shiners are a great choice; so are live worms. However, they somewhat limit the species of freshwater fish that may bite.

Select artificial baits with hair and/or feathers. These provide more action in cold water than soft plastic baits, which get can stiff and lose the built-in action when water temperatures dip below 50 degrees. Hair and feathers don’t respond like this to cold water and, instead, maintain excellent action with little movement. Hair and feathers also move with water currents. Even when an angler imparts no action to the bait, it can still move very naturally, remain in the strike zone of the fish longer and mimic live prey.

If catching fish on lures is the goal, choose lures that will catch multiple species. Shad, herring, or yearling sunfish/perch will be the primary winter forage for all freshwater species, so match these forage species with lures. Most other forage species, crawfish, and other vertebrates will be hibernating and will emerge only after an extended warming trend. Soft plastic baits, including straight-tail worms, grubs, and tube baits, can be very effective. Choose colors that mimic the winter forage: anything white, silver, or transparent in color will work well, especially if they contain colored flakes. Hard baits such as crankbaits, spinners, and spoons can be very suitable on warmer days. Color choices for these baits should include chrome, silver, or gold.

In winter, it is important to use a reduced lure size. Cold temperatures drastically reduce a fish’s metabolism and the fish don’t need to feed as often. Smaller prey is easier to catch and digest. Presenting something small and slow best mimics the natural feeding habits at this time of year. Baits in the two- to four-inch range are perfect. If the goal is to catch the biggest fish in the area, use three- to four-inch baits, but if the goal is to catch the most fish possible, select baits in the two- to three-inch range.

Winter Fishing Tips - Choosing the Best Bait

Stay Safe Winter Fishing

The most important tip for winter fishing is to be mindful of the weather and respect the conditions. Dress in layers, have a good game plan, and tell someone your timing and itinerary. If you should run into trouble, you’ll need help as soon as possible. Notifying a friend or family member of your location, expected travel route, and expected return time will help speed up the search process should something catastrophic occur.

With some planning and mindfulness of the conditions, you can have some of your most successful fishing adventures during winter months. Research your waterway, make sure your equipment is in good working order, and select multi-species lures or live bait, and you will be on your way to some of the best fishing our great country has to offer.