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Man Creates review

Man Crates – The BEST Man’s gift ever!

I’ve been meaning to getting around to sharing this product with you guys for a long time now. This is perhaps one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever gotten as a guy in my entire life. It’s not some super crazy expensive gadget, no…its a fucking wooden box! That’s right I was given a crate for my 30th birthday and I loved it! Not just any crate though this came from Man Crates. Visit them here.

I’m not going to take too long to set the scene or anything but imagine some chic modern restaurant at a fancy hotel on the beach here in South Florida. There’s about 25 people watching…I say watching because I was putting on a show! What show was I putting on you ask? I was showing how to bust this Man Crate open!  You see Man Crates are real wooden boxes sealed with wood glue and nails.  Don’t worry all Man Crates come with their own small pry bar to bust open these crates. So here I was pounding away in the middle of this nice restaurant with my small pry bar.  Eventually after some strategic prying I busted out my prize.

Each gift comes with your choice of gear. Mine happened to be a Fishing crate. The “Bass Whisperer” to be exact! It had multiple lures, a scale, pliers, and some sunflower seeds. Oh I can’t forget the 6 pack soft coozie carrier!

Man Crates beer carrier from bass whisperer

They have multiple different categories to choose from. Everything from outdoors to sports, from cooking to drinking! They’re priced very well too!  For example most Man Creates range anywhere from $19 up to the $100+ range. This is not bad considering you get a bad ass little package containing the perfect gifts that any guy would want! I mean when is the last time you saw a guy open up a gift with a pry bar? I really think this is one of the best gifts for a guy! See what mine is like here:

Ortho Home Defense DIY Bug and Pest Control to Kill and Prevent Bugs

Ortho Home Defense: DIY Pest Control

For years I paid for a pest control guy to come and spray my house on a monthly basis. Down here in South Florida where the homes were built practically into the everglades, this was crucial. I finally discovered a way to use Ortho Home Defense properly to handle my pest control myself.

I’m the type of guy who hates to have any bugs crawling in and around his house. I never understood how people could just let ants wander around their kitchen counters or have spiders crawling around their rooms at night. Yes, I understand there is an eco-system and an order of life for these insects and some “help” by eating others. However, I just can’t live with them in my house.

My first home wasn’t a mansion by any means but the rate I was paying someone to come and spray my house to keep the bugs out was getting ridiculous.  At the time I was doing some side work with a friend of mine who did property management. One day on the job he told me we were going to be doing some pest control. He explained how he had his license to use all sorts of chemicals, but he chose to use something much simpler. He reached into the truck and pulled out the Ortho Home Defense. He says, “I swear by this stuff, you can pick it up right at Home Depot and its so easy to use.”

I had to test it out for myself, I’m a budget conscious person and the value of spraying something that costs roughly $25 per year versus the almost $300 for the frequent bug spraying was something I couldn’t pass up.

Here’s the truth, just like with normal pest control spraying this isn’t 100% bug proof. You can’t control the weather elements on the outside of your house where you spray this, which does wear down the barrier. Due to the immense amount of rain we get down here I find myself re-spraying about every 4-6 months. The jug will last me usually about a full year for a roughly 2800 sq ft house. I tend to focus mostly on the outside and once a year spray the inside.

There is a method to using this however. The trick is to spray a perimeter around the entire base of the home about 1 foot above the ground. Then encircle any outlet, light fixture, door frame, window, and any other hole in the outside of the home. If you have a second story you may opt to get a ladder and do the second story windows. I find that by going inside the house to do the inside of the upstairs windows does just fine though.

It never leaves a stain, it doesn’t have an odor and leaves my wallet a lot thicker than the option of using a pest control service.

Check out our youtube video for more tips on how to use the Ortho Home Defense.


workout supplements by Chaos and Pain product review

Chaos and Pain: Super Supplements

I’ve been working out for a little over 10 years and have never come across a company or product like Chaos and Pain. Just visiting their website,, feels like you’re stepping into an underground gyms built for men like “The Mountain“!  The names of their products for example inspire stuff of sick psychotic legendary villains! I mean right on their homepage is a banner for “Cannibal Genius” which is explained as a supplement “For when you feel like saying aloud, “I’m so f@#*ing smart that I make smart people feel like they are retarded.” This should give you just a peak at who this company really is!  They make products that go above and beyond and they’re designed to make you into a legitimate HULK!

The company does things differently than most supplement companies. They have decent prices! They don’t hide behind labels and are fairly transparent at what you’re ingesting. This is a very good thing. They offer multiple warnings that their products are not for the weak or timid. This is NOT a marketing tactic. Their products are no joke and will CHANGE you!  Some of their products have been controversial but they still fight to make legal supplements for those looking to make changes!

The company really does put out some extraordinary supplements that are really quite unique.

For example take a look at the Cannibal Permaswole:

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout Supplement Product Review

The description alone makes you feel like you’d be a beast walking through doors instead of opening them and having a pump to make you feel like lifting cars…ALL DAY LONG! The truth it, it IS an amazing pre workout! I love the fact that its stimulant free too!

One other cool supplement is Helios:

Joint support health and fitness supplement Helios from Chaos and Pain

Some of you may be thinking “Joint support? Pshhh Who needs that?!” Well the answer is quite frankly those of us who actually lift heavy weight. Working out with heavy weight will give your joints a beating. This has an incredible blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients that will act fast and last a lot longer than those ibuprofen you’ve been popping. From someone who has knees barely intact after 16 years of soccer, this product is my saving grace in the gym and out!

Check out some of the other jaw droopingly awesome supplements that will blow you away! Oh and don’t forget to use code Fit4Life when shopping to get 20% off all Chaos and Pain products! Consider it a Christmas Present from Gear Guide for Men to you!

5 winter toys and tools

5 Must Have Winter Toys and Tools

Winter can bring some nasty weather and for some of us it can last way, way too long. But what’s the saying? when life gives you lemons…grab vodka! No, but seriously! Grab something that will help you enjoy the wicked winter weather that comes this time of year. Here are the 5 winter must haves to help get you through this season with a smile on your face!

  1. Don’t slip: Falling on the ice is not cool. It can ruin your day and leave you with a nasty bruise or even worse put you in the hospital. The worst part is that you usually can’t anticipate this. So just as you’d throw some chains on your tires to get you to your destination safely, grab a pair of Yaktrax  and get out there and walk with confidence through the treacherous snow and ice covered sidewalks! These are perfect to put on any pair of shoes and they’re durable enough to last you all season and then some.
  2. Stay warm: If you enjoy spending time outside during the cold weather then you know how quickly your hands begin to chill faster than the rest of you. You also know how amazing it feels when you can keep them warm! Don’t settle for a single use hand warmer though or something that only last a few short hours! Invest in proper, steady long lasting hand warmth with the Zippo Hand Warmer. Granted you will need fuel for this, but it lasts between 6 and 12 hours! You’ll be nice and toasty all day long!
  3. Be the snowball king: When’s the last time you had a good snowball fight?  There is something about packing a snowball, throwing it, and watching it explode on impact that brings the kid out in all of us! Have a little fun with all this snow and become snowball king with a WHAM-O Snow Trac-Ball. Pack snowballs in a jiffy and then you’re ready to start slinging some snowballs!
  4. Don’t get snowed in: Snow can be pretty and white and fluffy, but enough of it and you can literally be trapped. For example the deadly avalanche.  If you live in a snowy area then you will without a doubt need to get a T-Wood Mini Shovel. It’s an amazing mini shovel built for avalanches. It also hides a hi-tensile steel blade inside the handle to cut away snow and wood.
  5. Keep moving: Every year there are plenty of people who get stranded in their cars during a snow storm. Sometimes this can lead to a dead battery. Here comes a great gadget to save the day and fits in your glovebox! The Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger  is small enough to stow in your car and powerful enough to bring it back to life! This amazing charger can start your engine roughly 15 times! Added bonus is the flashlight and 2 USB charging ports!

Hopefully with these things you will be able to survive and get through the cold days of winter with a smile on your face until you feel the warmth of spring!


Brewsees: Polarized Beer Opening Sunglasses

I’ve been waiting to post this review for over 2 months. The reason…to really put these Brewsees sunglasses to the ultimate test I planned to take them on a trip to Jamaica I had planned. For some reason I’m a fan of clothing or accessories that double as a beer opener…boardshorts with bottle opener…check…sandals with bottle opener…check…credit card bottle opener…check! So when I heard about these killer shades I had to try them out. I am a fairly harsh critic when it comes to sunglasses so all that you read down here won’t be all pretty but it’ll be honest and the truth. I spend a lot of time on the water down here in South Florida, so I always get polarized glasses. My specs of choice are these Costa Del Mar CORTEZ Sunglasses. However I do have to admit they’re not always the most versatile when it comes to just relaxing and being social. For some reason I feel like wearing a pair of costas when you’re not fishing seems like wearing cleats when you’re not playing sports…maybe thats a bit extreme but I wanted something stylish yet functional.

These were the Brewsees I choose when I was offered a chance to review them:

brew sees bottle opening sunglasses

brew sees polarized bottle opening sunglasses

I thought they ended up looking pretty good. Here is a shot on my last day of the trip:

brewsees sunglasses for men and women as seen with Mabel Mullan

Yes my wife even got her self a pair for the trip! We both opted for grabbing a pair of the cords so we didn’t lose these bad ass glasses! They actually saved mine at least 3 or 4 times. This is actually an unusually high amount for me usually but I think due to the bottle opener at the back of the glasses the sides tend to be a bit longer than a normal pair of glasses and therefore don’t hang on like a normal pair so I would highly recommend grabbing the cords. I think that might have been the only con for these glasses was that when laying down as I did floating around my resort pool, the backs tend to stick out a bit too far or got bumped by my life jacket when I was out on the hobie cats.

Everything else about these glasses was great! They reduced the glare like any good polarized sunglasses should when looking into the water (not perfect but enough to make me happy), they held up great when paddle boarding and sailing (the cords saved these from going overboard a few times during this). I actually even felt they were better balanced due to the bottle opener being in the back to take some weight off the front of your nose so they were super comfortable!

Now the big draw to this is functionality right? Everyone wants to know can sunglasses really pop bottles and shotgun beers?! Yes and better than expected! I was afraid that the sunglasses wouldn’t be able to handle the torque from the bottle top, but the graveyard of Red Stripe bottles I left in my wake should attest to that! It’s sad to say I never got a chance to test out the shotgun capabilities of this but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! Take a look at the opener itself:

beer opener on the end of brewsees sunglasses

And of course this is how they get delivered:

beer coozie from brewsees

brewsees beer coozie

So all in all I’d say this is the most versatile active sunglasses for beer drinkers. It’s got the looks, the comfort, and the functionality! If these get into the hands of tailgaters across the country you’ll be seeing these pop up in stores all over the country! So pop some tops and throw your shades on! One of the best products I’ve ever reviewed!

Check them out in action and see me open a beer with them here:


AminoSculpt liquid collagen for better sleep and weightloss

AminoSculpt: Better Sleep leads to Lean Muscle and more

I first heard of using liquid collagen as a weightloss supplement from a health book I was reading that looked right out of 1992 complete with mullets and all. I was pretty skeptical but when I asked my local nutrition store owner and fitness expert he said its a great supplement to include in your arsenal of products to take. Out of the all the options I prefer AminoSculpt Sugar-Free Liquid Collagen. I had not done enough research the first time I took this product however and only ended up using it for about a week and a half, plus they had a horrible flavor back then!

The reason I stopped taking it was because I thought all it did was make me groggy in the morning and didn’t notice any changes in my muscle or weight. Fast forward 3 years to roughly 2 months ago. A little older and a little wiser I did some more research on this product. I discovered why this is so beneficial. Not only is liquid collagen great at repairing skin, hair, and supports joints and tissue, it also its great for helping you build lean muscle while you sleep.

The key here is that your body produces collagen naturally while you sleep and actually produces more of it when you’re younger.  The issue is that your body has to be in a deep enough sleep to produce this.  So now it makes some sense why you’d sleep like a baby as a kid after a long day and wake up refreshed ready for round 2! As an adult this really does help you get a more sound sleep, but be prepared this can put you down for the count. It took me a solid few days to get used to this because it makes you almost feel out of it in the morning because you’ve been in such a deep sleep.  Once you get used to it though you feel well rested and alert when you do wake up. I also notice that my knees (after numerous years of soccer and weightlifting) feel much better! Can’t say much about the hair…I mean it’s still there haha I do feel that my muscle is maintaining and possibly helping me lose the fat that I have.

They have improved upon the taste with this mango flavor as the original was puke-worthy to say the least! This isn’t quite as terrible and is ok to knock back quick. In a few weeks your body will start to maintain and build lean muscle that helps you to burn more fat.    Your body needs the rest to recover and this is a great product to help get you there! Get some of the best nights sleep you’ve had in years all while getting into better shape just by sleeping! (not entirely but it does help! haha)

Flip Reel by Squiddies: Reinventing Hand Line Fishing

The level of excitement that I have for reviewing this product is higher than a kid on christmas morning! A little bit of background on why I’m so excited. As some of you have read in my other posts like, How to pick the right fishing rod, I did not grow up fishing (saltwater or freshwater). When I was first presented with a hand-line fishing reel I thought it was a joke actually. I was informed this was in fact a way to catch fish, I felt pretty dumb.  I was told it was a Cuban Yo-Yo and it looked like this:

cuban yo-yo used for handline fishing

Jumping into the world of angling head first I grabbed this and took a swing at it…literally since that’s how to cast these primal yo-yo’s.  It was made from a hard plastic and was rough after years of use sometimes snagging the line. It did it’s job though by holding the line for me to spool manually as I fought fish after fish on the Florida Bay in the Florida Keys.  There isn’t much out there that compares to fighting a fish hand in hand. Yes battling a monster trophy fish on rod and reel can be exciting but the pure, unfiltered power you get to feel by hand-lining a fish is something that every angler should experience.

Squiddies has brought hand-line fishing back to life and improved it with the Flip Reel.  It took into consideration the open flaw of the Yo-Yo by allowing it to be collapsable.  They improved the grip so you can more easily handle the reel without slipping.  The built in storage for the hook and sinker mean less hassle when storing. And a built in line cutter is just an added bonus.

Flip reel by squiddies a modern handling fishing reel

storage features of the flip reel by squiddies for handline fishing

hook, line and sinker that comes with flip reel by squiddies

The flip reel comes with a hook, line and sinker already so you’re ready to grab some bait and catch some fish! They’re made from a sturdy rubber like material which helps it collapse but maintain its shape as well as float. The reel comes preloaded with 165ft. of 17lb. line.  The best part of all is they’re only $19.99! I mean how can you not want to get a Flip Reel for yourself! They also sell different type of sinkers and hooks and a lure ready to clip onto your Flip Reel! The only thing you have to decide is whether to get one in blue, green, orange, yellow or all of the above! I’ve already got 2 of these bad boys which are perfect for catching snapper under the bridges of the florida keys right from my kayak! Already caught a few catfish in my lake from my backyard too!


how to pick the right fishing rod

How to pick the right fishing rod: Length, Power, and Action

Growing up with little to no fishing experience and catching the fishing bug later in life, all of this information has come in handy when selecting the right fishing rod for me! Thanks to our friends over at and writer Mike Cork, here is an article to show you how to pick the right fishing rod.

Having the proper equipment is as important in fishing as it is in any sport. With a wide range of bait options and techniques, rod manufacturers have developed rods to cast specific baits farther and more accurately. They’ve also balanced these capabilities with other factors to give the angler an advantage over a hooked bass. A truly effective fisherman or woman can now pick the perfect tool. The correct rod for a given situation allows anglers to cast baits accurately, work baits properly, detect more strikes, and set the hook to land a fish.

Lure Choice

Selecting the perfect bass fishing rod starts with lure choice. A hammer can drive a screw, but is it the most effective tool? Using a flipping rod to fish with crank baits would be just as difficult. While you could cast a crankbait with a flipping rod, the distance, accuracy, and ability to land bass may suffer. Knowing the different parts of a rod – and how they affect casting and fighting a bass – is the first step in selecting the proper rod for the job at hand.

When selecting a baitcasting or spinning rod, there are three things to consider: power, action, and length. The right combination of power and action allows longer and more precise casts with a given lure or technique. Add in the proper length and the combination provides effective control over a hooked bass. All three elements will also prevent angler fatigue.

Rod Selection - All About Rod Power



Power is the amount of pressure an angler has to apply to make a rod bend. Heavier action rods require more pressure to bend, while light action rods bend much easier.1 Rod manufacturers categorize rods as light, medium, or heavy. In some cases, there are in-between levels such as medium/light or medium/heavy. Higher-end rod companies categorize rods with a number system to describe the power rating, usually one through five (one means light action and five means heavy action).

Rod Selection - All About Action



The action describes how and where the rod blank flexes when a force is applied. Or, the action is how easily and how far from the tip a rod will bend. Actions are similar among most rod manufacturers. However, the terms rod manufacturers use to rate these actions can get confusing. Many companies use the same three categories as they do for power ratings: light, medium, or heavy. Other manufacturers use variations of speed to describe action: moderate fast, fast, extra fast. Variations of “fast” better describe how quickly the rod stops bending and transfers power to the blank of the rod. An extra fast (or heavy) action rod will bend three to four inches before transferring power to the blank, which is considered quick. A moderate fast (or light action) will bend nearly a third of the way down the rod blank, which is considered slow.

Action balances the power of the rod for casting and fighting bass. The rod’s action influences how it casts, how sensitive the tip is, and the rate at which it transfers the hook set to the bait at the end of the line. A lighter, slower action will cast lighter baits while a heavier, faster action better suits heavier baits. The action is also useful when fighting a fish once it’s hooked. If you use baits with treble hooks, a lighter action will give when a fish makes a surge, which prevents the hooks from pulling free. However, a lighter or slower action also makes it more difficult to set the hook when a fish strikes. Typically with treble-hooked baits, an angler wants to lean into a strike rather than set the hook. A heavy action allows an angler to drive a hook into a fish’s mouth. Heavy or fast actions better suit baits with single hooks, including a spinnerbait, jig, or Texas rig soft plastics where a strong hook set is required.

To explain how the different power and tip actions improve casting baits and landing fish, let’s compare two bass fishing rods specific to techniques: first, a rod used for fishing crank baits and second, a rod used for fishing spinnerbaits. Both baits have different aerodynamics for casting, and different hooks used to land a bass.

Crank Baits

For crank baits with treble hooks, an angler needs a variation of a medium power and action rod. This lighter action will flex more, which allows for better hook ups when a fish strikes and prevents a fish from pulling loose after it’s hooked. Treble hooks have shallow throats, leaving very little space for the hook to penetrate the jaw of a fish. Treble hooks are designed to grab the skin inside the mouth of a fish. Most crank baits have at least two treble hooks (three hooks on each treble). This gives the angler six chances to get a hook stuck in the fish’s mouth. The medium power and action rod will bend, allowing a bass more time to take a lure deeper into its mouth during a strike. This action also bends when a bass surges or jumps, which again prevents the hooks from tearing free.

A lighter action rod also aids in casting by loading (flexing). When an angler pulls forward to cast, the weight of the lure will flex the rod’s tip. This action builds energy in the flex, called load. The load is then released when the rod comes forward and stops when the bait releases, which allows for a longer cast. Action needs to be balanced with lure weight. A light lure will not flex the rod tip to help casting unless it’s a light action. However, it is possible to overload the rod when casting. And a lure that is too heavy for the rod’s action will prevent the rod from using the load properly. For heavier crank baits, select a heavier action. A good rule is to use the lightest action possible to effectively cast the bait.

Spinner Baits

When fishing with spinnerbaits, use at least a medium/heavy power rod because of the larger single hook. When a bass strikes, a strong hook set is necessary to drive the large single point hook through the jaw of a fish. This may require quite a bit of force. Since spinnerbait’s subpar aerodynamics negatively affect casting distance, you need to balance action with a variety of factors. The size of the bait is the most controllable element. Similar to the crank bait rod, a lighter action will allow for more load and longer distance casts. However, spinnerbaits can get heavy and if the action is too light, the rod may become overloaded, which decreases accuracy. A medium/heavy rod with a fast action provides a great balance for most spinnerbaits up to half an ounce. When fishing baits greater than half an ounce, an extra fast action will provide better casting.

Rod Selection - Which Rod to Choose, When


The subject of rod length can lead to debate among anglers. Gary Dobyns, owner of Dobyns Rods, designs a slew of bass fishing rods. “A rod’s length should only be limited to an angler’s ability to use it,” says Dobyns, who would use a 9-foot fishing rod if bass tournaments allowed it. He says longer rods pick up more line on a hook set, which can help if an angler is caught out of position for a good swing. Longer rods can also make up for some of anglers’ errors. “A longer rod is also better at balancing applied pressure against the surges and jumps of a hooked fish,” he says.

In a nutshell, the longer the rod, the more control an angler has over a fish.

Rod Material

Today’s fishing rods are made from two materials: graphite and fiberglass. Graphite is the lightest and most sensitive of the two. However, fiberglass still has applications in the fishing industry. When using baits that require a rod with a medium or lighter action, fiberglass provides the necessary parabolic bend (meaning the bend of the rod is similar throughout the length).2 Graphite is stronger, more sensitive, and more expensive than fiberglass. A graphite rod, due to its lighter weight and greater sensitivity, is the better choice in most cases.

Line guides

Line guides are nearly as important as the rod’s blank. Quality guides enable anglers to detect strikes transmitted through the fishing line to the rod blank. Line guides range in quality from good to great. The price of each quality level varies tremendously. Micro and standard line guides are the two basic sizes for freshwater casting rods. Micro guides are very small line guides normally used on fly-fishing equipment. In recent years, micro guides have made their way to the casting rod industry, claiming an overall lighter, more sensitive rod. Manufacturers claim anglers can cast further with these guides. A rod with micro guides requires more guides on the blank, so is typically more expensive. Guide size is a matter of opinion. Choose the size that works best for you. Since proper guide placement is vital, examine the rod before purchasing to ensure the guides line up.

Reel Seats

Reel seats are very basic and there aren’t many options. Many anglers prefer a reel seat that allows them to feel the blank with their finger when holding the rod and reel (a cutout on the bottom of the reel seat exposes the rod’s blank). Determining the best reel seat is purely angler preference. Some reel seats are wider than others; trigger placement will vary, along with seat nut size. Hold a variety of rods to find the reel seat that is most comfortable for you. If a rod isn’t comfortable to hold, the perfect combination of length, power, and action is irrelevant. Pay attention to the shape of the grip on spinning rods (some spinning rods don’t have grips). Always test out a reel on the rod you’d like to purchase to see how the combination feels.

Rod Handles

There are a variety of rod handle types available: cork, EVA foam, or a combination of the two. Some anglers prefer the feel of cork to EVA foam. Both are very light and easy to grip. Proper handle length depends on the type of casting. Longer handles help with heavy baits and long casts because they allow an angler to use two hands to generate a lot of load and forward force when casting. For short casts with lighter baits, short handles allow for one-handed or roll casting to targets without getting in the way. Handles also come in split grip, pistol grip, and full grip so an angler can adjust to the type of casting. Full grip handles are best for casting heavy baits or for long distances where two hands are required. For lighter baits or close target casting, choose a split grip or pistol grip. The lack of material in the split grip or pistol grip can reduce the overall weight of the rod. With less material on the handle, manufacturers advertise a split grip handle as more sensitive.

Purchasing the correct rod can be an overwhelming process. But if you stick to these general guidelines, you’ll be in great shape. With the perfect rod, the catch of a lifetime is just a cast away.


waterproof speaker

Waterproof Speakers to keep the music going when wet!

With summer heat baking most of the country, I find myself being in and around the water every weekend! I might be kayaking, paddle boarding, or just relaxing at the beach and I’ve found myself wishing I had a better music source. However I’m not one to run the risk of trying to keep something dry around the water.  My rule is don’t take anything that can’t get wet along when you’re on the water. I’ve seen countless phones get ruined, speakers sink, and this could all be prevented.  Now there are cell phone cases now that are completely waterproof but I generally just use a dry bag. The issue is that I like to use my phone to play music.  Well my problems are solved with the creation of bluetooth waterproof speakers.  Now not all of these are made the same and a good water proof speaker is going to cost you between $50-$100.  You’re going to want to invest in a good speaker rather than throwing your money away at a “splash-proof” speaker that sinks and dies the first day out on the water.  Here are 4 different waterproof speakers that are perfect for the active lifestyle out on the water.

Miccus eXtreme SPX7: $50 This could be considered a base model bluetooth waterproof speaker. It has a battery life of 6 hours but realistically playing music at a decent volume it’s only going to last 5ish hours.  It comes with a handle to attach it to your gear, a bicycle mount, and a suction cup.  Careful with the suction cup, if it doesn’t have a good suction it could slide from the area you mounted it which could lead to damaging the internal components. This is meant to be waterproof and not necessarily your bang around speaker.

MediaBug Summit Rugged Water-Resistant Speaker: $65 Ok so this one is one the list because it is borderline waterproof. Key words water-resistant doesn’t mean take it swimming. However it does the job for most uses on the water.  The attachable key loop lets you attach it quickly and easily.  It uses advanced technology which I won’t get into which lets it have better sound as well as increased battery life: 14 hours! Another cool benefit is that the device actually can charge your phone as well. Even though its not water-proof, its got some great sound and cool features.

ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof SpeakerBest Speaker $78 This has the best of both worlds and then some!  A 10 hour battery life, rugged frame, high end clear sound and of course fully waterproof!  This also has a waterproof mic for hand-free calling as well! Another benefit is that the speaker is not strictly bluetooth, there is a wired listening option as well. This is our choice for waterproof speaker!

NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof Speaker: $100 This is the most expensive version but yet seems to fall short in certain areas. It does shine in others. It is designed to be a floating speaker or shower speaker. It isn’t your rugged outdoor bluetooth waterproof speaker and may not last if left in the elements. The output on this speaker isn’t as praised as some other speakers.  The strap that comes with is great for hanging in the shower though. Just not sure if it’s worth the $100 price tag.


These are just some choices to get you out on the water and enjoying some music at the same time.  This way you don’t have to stay dry to keep the music going! Do you have a favorite waterproof speaker we didn’t mention? Leave a comment.








dad-shoe for the men with dad-bod

Avoid the “Dad-Shoe”

It hit me a few weeks ago when returning from a business trip. If there is a such thing as a “dad-bod” now, then there is most certainly a dad-shoe. Now just like a dad-bod, the dad-shoe isn’t always exactly the same shoe however its usually an all-white or all-black shoe with no unique markings or styling that has been made the same for the past decade! An example might be the Nike Mens Air Monarch IV which has been one of the top selling shoes for years and no the sneaker heads aren’t buying them. Perhaps its the idea of versatility that these shoes possess to allow certain men to feel that they can wear them from the gym, to the sports field, to a date night with the wife…I mean they’re leather and bright white…that’s classy right? No. No it is not!

examples of the dad-shoe

Please understand I am not recommending men go out and begin buying matching shoes for their workout attire. Although Chucks do come in a lot of colors…I mean a lot! But back to the point at hand. Your “sneaker” ,as most dad’s might call, them should never double as a casual shoe.  I am not writing a fashion blog but I am writing this so men can learn to buy shoes for function and some fashion benefit. Technology has come a long way since most of these dad-shoes first hit the market and that means you’re not wearing the latest and greatest. Not that you need to be paying an arm and a leg for your gym shoes or everyday sneakers. It just means you need to upgrade for the same price as there are plenty of other options on the market for about the same price.

Gym/Athletic shoes should be chosen based on most often use. For example if you’re buying a running shoe to lift weights and occasionally do some light cardio and maybe a long distance run every now and then, you’re buying the wrong shoe.  That doesn’t mean to go and buy those lifting shoes with the wooden heel, it just means look to buy more of a cross training shoe. The Under Armour Strive IV Training Shoes are a great choice and hey look you get upgraded advances in shoe technology for about the same cost as the dad-shoe! And will you look at that! They’re not big and clunky and “gasp” they have color!

Casual shoes need to be versatile for everyday use to transfer from a possible casual business lunch to a night out on the town. Break away from the loafers and get something that shows you’re a little adventurous. This will not perform like an athletic shoe and they won’t look as stuffy as the shoes you wear to an office. So grab something simple enough to not scream metrosexual or anything else because if you’ve been wearing dad-shoes this long I doubt you’re the attention seeking type. This Original Penguin Men’s Quest Sneaker might be perfect for you. Now that’s not a bad modern looking shoe for about $50.

I know we’ve just doubled the average dad-bod guy’s shoe collection but trust me, you’re feet will thank you when you put on the athletic shoes and everyone in your immediate surroundings will thank you when you put on the casual shoes! So remember when your dad-shoes finally give out…don’t just order the same pair again!