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peloton bike review

Peloton Bike Review

Have you seen those commercials on TV with those people in their homes pedaling away, sweating their face off, seeming like they’re having the time of their life while partaking in a virtual spin class? Well I’m now one of those people. And I love it! My Peloton bike has been in my house for about 3 months now and on average I get on and ride about 2-4 times a week. To be honest I use it as a supplemental fitness machine on top of my regular lifting, but man is it great to have and use and I’ll tell you why.

First, lets tackle the price. I feel like that holds or used to hold a lot of people back. Yep the total comes out to like 4 grand. So you kind have to gauge how serious you are about investing into such a piece of equipment. Now the cool thing was that the location I picked mine up from lets you come in and do test rides before you purchase. Here’s what sold me though, the just started a 0% interest payment plan for the bike so you’re not out your money upfront. So you pay for the bike itself plus the monthly subscription fee of $39/month. (The subscription is the service itself). I ended up at a little under $100/month for 3 years. Some of you might think that’s a lot but in my head I’m only paying $10/month for my gym (yes go ahead and laugh it’s a youfit) and so I figured this would just be like if I actually paid for a nice gym. That cost also included insurance on the device that’s attached to the bike and the bike itself. Ok so that’s the elephant in the room I think when it comes to the Peloton bike.

The real value of the bike comes in the form of everything that is being offered on top of an incredible bike. You get access to awesome spin instructors that are live and on-demand. I don’t want to sit around and wait for a class to start nor do I know when I’ll be able to jump on to sign up for a class so the on-demand classes are perfect for me. I can choose classes that are short like 15 minutes or 45 minutes or however long you feel comfortable with. But there’s so much more! This really is like a gym in a TV, it comes with weight classes, pilates, yoga and stretching. Some of you smart people are already like ummm but how can you see the screen from the floor…well this has the technology to screen cast onto any smart TV that’s connected to the Peloton’s wifi. Boom your entire house is now a gym. And you can use plug in headphones or wireless headphones like my favorite the Plantronics backbeat waterproof wireless headset. I recommend this one because the way the device is set up, the speakers face the back so the sound is projected away from you instead of at you.

The bike itself feels incredibly sturdy and well built. I’ve been riding it for 3 months and haven’t had any issues. I’m 6’2″ and the adjustments for my legs and upper torso have been perfect! There’s even room to go higher if you’re taller. The bike is pretty heavy too so keep that in mind if you need to move it. When you order it, they come and set it up for you and even walk you though how to set it up and get started. There’s a really helpful tutorial video to show you the optimal positioning for the seat etc. I say this because even if you’ve never been on a spin bike they will help you get started and moving.

The classes are encouraging and really helpful to keep you motivated. There really is a large sense of community once you’re using the Peloton bike. The instructors bond with the riders during classes and its really cool to be a part of that. It really does give you a great feeling to be a part of one of those classes sweating away with a big smile on your face (when you’re done of course). So if you can afford one of these and know you’ll use it, I would recommend this bike for sure! If you’ve got any questions feel free to leave a comment or check out the video I did of me using the Peloton bike below.

Which running belt is right for you?

Hey guys, over the time that my blog has been giving me issues, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing two different running belts. One of them I discovered on my own, the FlipBelt, and the second, was sent to me by a company in Australia called the DOB Running Belt. I wanted to go over both of these running belts though so you could figure out which would be best for you.

To start off, some of us, quite frankly don’t need a running belt. But hey if you want to run to music (Insert Eye of the Tiger song) or bring water along, then pockets can only do so much. Quite frankly pockets suck when it comes to running. Running belts are evolving and becoming really helpful fitness aids. So let’s take a look at my favorite running belt, the Flipbelt.

This belt keeps things simple and in doing so, solves the biggest problem that pockets faced…the dreaded jostling of items as you run..up and down, up and down…ugh! The flip belt compresses all items contained within it, flat up against your body to control and cut down the amount that your keys, cellphone, or water bottle are bouncing up and down every step you take. Here take a look at my review from our YouTube channel to find out more.

Now, the second running belt, I like to call a “utility” running belt. The reason why is that unlike the FlipBelt which comfortably can hold one or two items, this is built for storage! This running belt comes with a credit card slot, detachable key chain, a detachable water bottle holder, separated main compartment, and a even a coin purse! Seriously the storage on this is insane! The headphone outlet in the front is handy too! I love how the pouch was waterproof and that the strap was stretchy. I didn’t like the water bottle attachment for running! Talk about getting beat up! It’s great if you’re hiking or biking, but the constant up and down was torture. That’s why it’s so great that you can remove it! An added bonus is the two free reflector bracelets! See my review here:

Ok so the FlipBelt is actually a tad more expensive but for true functionality and running, it’s my winner. The cost difference isn’t too bad either. Check out all of the sizes and color options for the flip belts here. The DOB Running Belt goes for just $17 but isn’t many options. If you guys have any other running belt choices, leave a comment below.

FlipBelt and what it can hold while running

Flipbelt – The non-jiggle fitness carrying belt

I’m going to start this post off by saying that when I first saw the advertising video for the FlipBelt roughly a year ago on Facebook, I was highly skeptical. First off, I’ve never been able to keep keys, phones, and water bottles from moving around in a violent manner when I work out let alone run full speed! In some instances a protective cup is needed when trying to workout while carrying these items! So when this nice pretty video showcased a belt that could hold all of these things AND NOT MOVE, I scoffed at their claim.

A year later and trying to get into a shape other than “round” I’ve picked up running again. I despise running. Always have since I was little and had to run to train for soccer. I would rather do anything else but run. I know its advantages however, and needing to get healthy I’ve decided to bite the bullet. One of the reasons I despise it so much is the boredom I face. Sure, running somewhere new is fun and distracting, but that’s not always an option. So to keep me going I reach for my phone to play music while I run. I tried to run and carry my phone but a few sweaty grips and dropped phone instances later I knew I had to get something to hold it.

I did some research. The number of fitness “fanny packs” on the market is astounding. Sticking to my vow to never wear a “fanny pack” after the age of 8, I knew there had to be another option. Then I remembered the video of the in-shape people jumping around and running with the FlipBelt. A little bit more research…ohhh they even make their own FlipBelt water bottles too…Sold. I was an easy sell what can I say.

FlipBelt and what it can hold while running

So let’s get to it. The FlipBelt impressed me. My very first run I choose to fill up my 12oz. FlipBelt water bottle and also carry my iPhone 7 plus. So yeah I was fully loaded! Still had room for keys if anyone is wondering. It took me a bit to find the right positioning of the belt but only due to the weight of the water bottle and my “shape”. The weight of the iPhone was like nothing. The best part of all I never felt them move. After my 3 miles run I was in shock. This thing really did hold my stuff and not beat me up about it. And the other great thing about this was that when I got home I just threw it in the washing machine!

Pushing 240lbs and being 6’2, I opted for their XL size belt. The material is stretchy but sturdy so it doesn’t feel loose even though I’m at the base end of the XL sizing chart. The design of the FlipBelt holds your items close to your body flat so they become a part of you and therefore don’t jiggle all over the place. You can place items all around to fit best to your body and activity. At just a bit over $20 for the size I got, this was one hell of a deal. So if you guys are looking for the solution to running and fitness carrying problems, then this is the right way to go! Plus its just in time for the holidays and those new year’s resolutions!


No-Shave November and Movember are here!

For years when Movember and No-Shave November rolled around I scoffed at the guys I saw, who I thought were just trying to be cool, by growing out some facial hair. I thought it was some hipster type movement where guys were trying to just be trendy. This was until recently when a group of people at my job, which is really into charity and good causes, asked me if I was going to be participating this year. Like it was some kind of formal event. Which got me thinking, what is the history of Movember and this No-Shave November movement?

So it turns out a small group of guys in Australia started the initial Movember idea back in 2009 and gained some popularity for their mustaches. A few years later there was another group who did something similar to raise awareness for kittens I think as they sold shirts that said Whiskers for Whiskers or something like that. Anyways this whole idea of men growing facial hair in a unique manner was the start of something powerful it turns out.

Quickly the growth of facial hair for men in November spread across the globe. Today there are two causes that men participate in. Movember which is the growth of a mustache and usually a unique mustache and No-Shave november where men forgo shaving to raise awareness for men’s health issues. From my understanding Movember is for prostate cancer awareness while No-Shave is more so a general cancer awareness and to also take the savings from shaving to donate to a cause.

So now knowing this, I have dropped the razors and shaving cream to let it grow…It’s not too late for you to jump onboard as well. You’ve got a solid 2 weeks left and even if your facial hair is barely casting a shadow, hopefully you’ll be well informed to raise awareness and donate to some worthy causes! I leave you with my 2 and half week No-Shave November beard!




workout supplements by Chaos and Pain product review

Chaos and Pain: Super Supplements

I’ve been working out for a little over 10 years and have never come across a company or product like Chaos and Pain. Just visiting their website,, feels like you’re stepping into an underground gyms built for men like “The Mountain“!  The names of their products for example inspire stuff of sick psychotic legendary villains! I mean right on their homepage is a banner for “Cannibal Genius” which is explained as a supplement “For when you feel like saying aloud, “I’m so f@#*ing smart that I make smart people feel like they are retarded.” This should give you just a peak at who this company really is!  They make products that go above and beyond and they’re designed to make you into a legitimate HULK!

The company does things differently than most supplement companies. They have decent prices! They don’t hide behind labels and are fairly transparent at what you’re ingesting. This is a very good thing. They offer multiple warnings that their products are not for the weak or timid. This is NOT a marketing tactic. Their products are no joke and will CHANGE you!  Some of their products have been controversial but they still fight to make legal supplements for those looking to make changes!

The company really does put out some extraordinary supplements that are really quite unique.

For example take a look at the Cannibal Permaswole:

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout Supplement Product Review

The description alone makes you feel like you’d be a beast walking through doors instead of opening them and having a pump to make you feel like lifting cars…ALL DAY LONG! The truth it, it IS an amazing pre workout! I love the fact that its stimulant free too!

One other cool supplement is Helios:

Joint support health and fitness supplement Helios from Chaos and Pain

Some of you may be thinking “Joint support? Pshhh Who needs that?!” Well the answer is quite frankly those of us who actually lift heavy weight. Working out with heavy weight will give your joints a beating. This has an incredible blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients that will act fast and last a lot longer than those ibuprofen you’ve been popping. From someone who has knees barely intact after 16 years of soccer, this product is my saving grace in the gym and out!

Check out some of the other jaw droopingly awesome supplements that will blow you away! Oh and don’t forget to use code Fit4Life when shopping to get 20% off all Chaos and Pain products! Consider it a Christmas Present from Gear Guide for Men to you!

5 tips for men for healthy hair


With the end of “Movember” and the Holiday picture season in full swing, most guys may need to clean up a bit. A trip to the barber will usually do the trick! However it sometimes takes more than just a simple “clean up” to really have great hair! Guest blogger Victoria Howell shares these tips!

Every man wants to have fabulous hair, but not everyone does everything to have it. Learn how to take care of your hair properly!

  1. Right hairstyle

Model with undercut hairstyle

Good haircut should match your facial shape, drawing attention from flaws and emphasizing your strong sides. Lifestyle and profession should be also taken into account, when choosing a hairstyle.

  1. Cleaning routine

Hackpact #14

Shampoo your hair 2-3 times per week to keep it clean and avoiding lack of natural oils. Your cleaning routine should also include conditioner for proper hydration and nourishment.

  1. Wise styling

bad hair style for men

Hair styling products and heat appliances can definitely make your hair look awesome, but excessive exposure to these things can cause a lot of damage.

  1. Health maintenance

healthy food for healthy hair for men

Healthy hair means healthy diet. Protein, vitamins and natural fats from healthy food can contribute to maintaining great hair by imparting it with strength and shine.

  1. Regular trims


Regular trims help to keep your hair healthy, by preventing split ends and further damage. Visit your barber every 2-3 months.


See more here


AminoSculpt liquid collagen for better sleep and weightloss

AminoSculpt: Better Sleep leads to Lean Muscle and more

I first heard of using liquid collagen as a weightloss supplement from a health book I was reading that looked right out of 1992 complete with mullets and all. I was pretty skeptical but when I asked my local nutrition store owner and fitness expert he said its a great supplement to include in your arsenal of products to take. Out of the all the options I prefer AminoSculpt Sugar-Free Liquid Collagen. I had not done enough research the first time I took this product however and only ended up using it for about a week and a half, plus they had a horrible flavor back then!

The reason I stopped taking it was because I thought all it did was make me groggy in the morning and didn’t notice any changes in my muscle or weight. Fast forward 3 years to roughly 2 months ago. A little older and a little wiser I did some more research on this product. I discovered why this is so beneficial. Not only is liquid collagen great at repairing skin, hair, and supports joints and tissue, it also its great for helping you build lean muscle while you sleep.

The key here is that your body produces collagen naturally while you sleep and actually produces more of it when you’re younger.  The issue is that your body has to be in a deep enough sleep to produce this.  So now it makes some sense why you’d sleep like a baby as a kid after a long day and wake up refreshed ready for round 2! As an adult this really does help you get a more sound sleep, but be prepared this can put you down for the count. It took me a solid few days to get used to this because it makes you almost feel out of it in the morning because you’ve been in such a deep sleep.  Once you get used to it though you feel well rested and alert when you do wake up. I also notice that my knees (after numerous years of soccer and weightlifting) feel much better! Can’t say much about the hair…I mean it’s still there haha I do feel that my muscle is maintaining and possibly helping me lose the fat that I have.

They have improved upon the taste with this mango flavor as the original was puke-worthy to say the least! This isn’t quite as terrible and is ok to knock back quick. In a few weeks your body will start to maintain and build lean muscle that helps you to burn more fat.    Your body needs the rest to recover and this is a great product to help get you there! Get some of the best nights sleep you’ve had in years all while getting into better shape just by sleeping! (not entirely but it does help! haha)

Why you should roll your feet out

Why should you massage your feet?

The old saying goes “kick off your shoes and relax”. There is a good reason behind this, your feet handle so much stress it feels good to kick them up and relieve some of the daily constant pressure they endure.  How come we don’t try to rejuvenate them more though? We roll out our entire legs, we massage our backs, necks, heck we even have scalp massagers…but are we taking care of our feet enough? Sure there are the expensive foot massagers and foot baths etc but they aren’t really getting in deep enough to work out the big issues. If you’re not rolling your feet out just like the rest of your body then you’re not taking care of the root of the problem.

Your feet are  the starting point of a line of connective tissue that run along the back of you up to the base of your skull!  This means that any issues with your hamstrings, calves, back and even neck can stem down to your feet! Now are you starting to see why taking care of the issues in your feet can make a big difference all over? If you need further proof here is this video showing the entire superficial back line of fascia, connecting from the feet to just above the eyebrows!  

Theres many different ways to roll out your foot and types of materials to use! Some people use a tennis ball or a golf ball, I like to use these Half Balls. It allows for me to really hit the spots I need and not worry about the ball rolling around. You are going to have to be your own masseuse just like when you roll out. Begin with the sole of your foot and work around monitoring any knots you feel and the pressure you can put on your foot. I personally recommend finding a knot and “sitting” on it for 30 seconds or until you feel the knot “break up”. Yes, this will hurt sometimes so much that you start doing a pregnancy breathing pattern while clenching your fists! When it’s all over though, you will feel a lot better because the base of your entire body has been relaxed and rejuvenated. Be careful not to do this too long or too hard as to damage your foot so please use common sense.

Be sure to add massage your feet into your regimen or do it while you watch TV and you’ll find yourself much happier!

darkfin glove

Darkfin Glove: The Ultimate Water Glove!

Almost every water sport has some type of glove meant to enhance your performance in some way.  But all of them get blown out of the water (pun intended?) by the Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves.  Most gloves are made from a woven type of material which can get heavy when wet or maybe its a water resistant material but it ends up lacking dexterity. The darkfin glove handles those issues and then some! Another benefit is that you don’t just pick based on the old small, medium, large scale! There are 12 total sizes to choose from because let’s face it hands are not just small medium and large.

Darkfin gloves

I tested these out on a little kayaking trip over the 4th of July weekend to see for myself.  After all, these are said to not only help you underwater but help you with almost any water sport. Now I didn’t get into any class III rapids on the intracoastal but the extra grip and fit helped me handle my paddle much better than ever before. It was a bit warmer than a typical cut off fingers kayak glove but the performance was 10 times better. It was if the paddle was glued to my hands. I did jump in the water and test out the webbed feature on these gloves because it is the striking feature of the glove. It was able to really get me moving through the water even through the strong currents!

The glove is dipped in a company protected secret “rubber” to protect it and allow it to be so flexible for dexterity and durability. They claim to have been studying marine life propulsion and aquatic sports to create such a wonderful glove for over 20 years. I don’t know what they’ve really been studying, they could have been watching episodes of flipper and a squirrel on water skis for all I care, this glove is amazing!  The idea to make 12 sizes is a great way to ensure the proper fit which most glove companies don’t do. They call this a propulsion glove and it really does do the trick! But whether you’re a…


Surfer using dark fin gloves


kayaker paddling with darkfin gloves


Scuba diver using darkfin gloves

or just a swimmer:

swimming with darkfin gloves

You can really improve your performance with these Darkfin Gloves!

Green and Clean Exercise Equipment

You attend the gym to maintain your health and fitness, but what you don’t often consider is that gym equipment can harbor thousands of germs, acting as a hotbed of bacteria that can be harmful to your health. In order to maintain your physical health and also protect yourself from infections and viruses, follow our guide to cleaning gym equipment. That way, your immunity won’t be compromised when you’re trying to boost it!

Some of the bacteria that can live on your gym equipment include rhinoviruses, klebsiella, and streptococcal bacteria. These can hide on your weights, mats, and equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals. In order to eradicate these pesky little bacteria effectively, spray cleaning solution and let it sit for between 10-30 minutes before wiping off. You don’t want to use harsh chemical cleaners that would require gloves, as the cleaning solution may linger and you will come in contact with it again through normal use of your equipment.

Like this 100% Natural All Purpose Cleaner

You can also create all-natural air freshener, yoga mat spray, and all-purpose cleaner,. Using essential oils such as tea tree oil in your yoga mat spray will help to prevent the growth of fungus. Other ingredients include vodka, vinegar, baking soda, and distilled water. With these simple ingredients, you can create your own personal line of gym cleaning solutions!