My name is Matt Mullan and I am the owner of Gear Guide for Men. The newest gadgets, the best equipment, the longest lasting gear always intrigued me.  It was my go to choice of self satisfaction when browsing the latest edition of any popular magazine.  This is what drove me to create Gear Guide for Men, a site dedicated to product reviews, health and fitness tips for better quality of life, and trips that feed the soul for men!

Who am I?

I am a late twenty something professional white collar worker living in South Florida with a passion for travel and adventure.  I grew up skiing, playing sports, finding adventures, camping, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, enjoying the company of women, and all around educating myself about the life of the man that I wanted to be.  Now that I’ve become the adventurous, healthy, active, educated man I’ve strived to be I want to share my point of view with the world. Enjoy!