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peloton bike review

Peloton Bike Review

Have you seen those commercials on TV with those people in their homes pedaling away, sweating their face off, seeming like they’re having the time of their life while partaking in a virtual spin class? Well I’m now one of those people. And I love it! My Peloton bike has been in my house for about 3 months now and on average I get on and ride about 2-4 times a week. To be honest I use it as a supplemental fitness machine on top of my regular lifting, but man is it great to have and use and I’ll tell you why.

First, lets tackle the price. I feel like that holds or used to hold a lot of people back. Yep the total comes out to like 4 grand. So you kind have to gauge how serious you are about investing into such a piece of equipment. Now the cool thing was that the location I picked mine up from lets you come in and do test rides before you purchase. Here’s what sold me though, the just started a 0% interest payment plan for the bike so you’re not out your money upfront. So you pay for the bike itself plus the monthly subscription fee of $39/month. (The subscription is the service itself). I ended up at a little under $100/month for 3 years. Some of you might think that’s a lot but in my head I’m only paying $10/month for my gym (yes go ahead and laugh it’s a youfit) and so I figured this would just be like if I actually paid for a nice gym. That cost also included insurance on the device that’s attached to the bike and the bike itself. Ok so that’s the elephant in the room I think when it comes to the Peloton bike.

The real value of the bike comes in the form of everything that is being offered on top of an incredible bike. You get access to awesome spin instructors that are live and on-demand. I don’t want to sit around and wait for a class to start nor do I know when I’ll be able to jump on to sign up for a class so the on-demand classes are perfect for me. I can choose classes that are short like 15 minutes or 45 minutes or however long you feel comfortable with. But there’s so much more! This really is like a gym in a TV, it comes with weight classes, pilates, yoga and stretching. Some of you smart people are already like ummm but how can you see the screen from the floor…well this has the technology to screen cast onto any smart TV that’s connected to the Peloton’s wifi. Boom your entire house is now a gym. And you can use plug in headphones or wireless headphones like my favorite the Plantronics¬†backbeat waterproof wireless headset. I recommend this one because the way the device is set up, the speakers face the back so the sound is projected away from you instead of at you.

The bike itself feels incredibly sturdy and well built. I’ve been riding it for 3 months and haven’t had any issues. I’m 6’2″ and the adjustments for my legs and upper torso have been perfect! There’s even room to go higher if you’re taller. The bike is pretty heavy too so keep that in mind if you need to move it. When you order it, they come and set it up for you and even walk you though how to set it up and get started. There’s a really helpful tutorial video to show you the optimal positioning for the seat etc. I say this because even if you’ve never been on a spin bike they will help you get started and moving.

The classes are encouraging and really helpful to keep you motivated. There really is a large sense of community once you’re using the Peloton bike. The instructors bond with the riders during classes and its really cool to be a part of that. It really does give you a great feeling to be a part of one of those classes sweating away with a big smile on your face (when you’re done of course). So if you can afford one of these and know you’ll use it, I would recommend this bike for sure! If you’ve got any questions feel free to leave a comment or check out the video I did of me using the Peloton bike below.