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Which running belt is right for you?

Hey guys, over the time that my blog has been giving me issues, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing two different running belts. One of them I discovered on my own, the FlipBelt, and the second, was sent to me by a company in Australia called the DOB Running Belt. I wanted to go over both of these running belts though so you could figure out which would be best for you.

To start off, some of us, quite frankly don’t need a running belt. But hey if you want to run to music (Insert Eye of the Tiger song) or bring water along, then pockets can only do so much. Quite frankly pockets suck when it comes to running. Running belts are evolving and becoming really helpful fitness aids. So let’s take a look at my favorite running belt, the Flipbelt.

This belt keeps things simple and in doing so, solves the biggest problem that pockets faced…the dreaded jostling of items as you run..up and down, up and down…ugh! The flip belt compresses all items contained within it, flat up against your body to control and cut down the amount that your keys, cellphone, or water bottle are bouncing up and down every step you take. Here take a look at my review from our YouTube channel to find out more.

Now, the second running belt, I like to call a “utility” running belt. The reason why is that unlike the FlipBelt which comfortably can hold one or two items, this is built for storage! This running belt comes with a credit card slot, detachable key chain, a detachable water bottle holder, separated main compartment, and a even a coin purse! Seriously the storage on this is insane! The headphone outlet in the front is handy too! I love how the pouch was waterproof and that the strap was stretchy. I didn’t like the water bottle attachment for running! Talk about getting beat up! It’s great if you’re hiking or biking, but the constant up and down was torture. That’s why it’s so great that you can remove it! An added bonus is the two free reflector bracelets! See my review here:

Ok so the FlipBelt is actually a tad more expensive but for true functionality and running, it’s my winner. The cost difference isn’t too bad either. Check out all of the sizes and color options for the flip belts here. The DOB Running Belt goes for just $17 but isn’t many options. If you guys have any other running belt choices, leave a comment below.