Best Bluetooth speaker review

The BEST Bluetooth Speaker!

Today’s guest blog post comes to us from With cords and plugs becoming a thing of the past, we were approached with the opportunity to share this incredibly in depth review of the best bluetooth speakers. Whether you’re out working on the car, hanging out on the boat, or just having a cold one with friends, a kick ass bluetooth speaker can make a huge difference.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker

These portable speakers are perfect for taking music on the go.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker

Full disclosure: Bluetooth technology has limitations, which means these speakers won’t sound as good as wired speakers. So if you’re an audiophile looking for the best sounding speakers possible, Bluetooth speakers won’t be the best bet. But if you’re a general listener looking for a portable way to simply enjoy or share music without the hassle of headphones and wires, Bluetooth speakers are an excellent choice. The best will be easy to carry, offer useful features, and still sound better than the rest.

The UE Roll 2 ($99) impressed us with a durable and portable design that we felt comfortable using at home or while hiking with friends. It has a fabric mesh that covers the speaker and a rubber backing that prevents any scratches or dents in the case of accidents. It is also waterproof and can handle being under 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, which makes for great poolside listening. Speaking of audio, the speaker has great sound quality and was able to produce clear vocals and instruments we could picture using at a backyard barbeque. Its size will limit its volume, but the speaker is a solid choice for those who want a great sounding speaker for any situation.

If you need your tunes a little louder, the Fugoo Style XL ($180) is an excellent choice. Its larger size makes room for more powerful parts including two mid/woofers that give a boost to your bass. But rather than get lost in details of technical parts, the average listener can simply expect great and balanced sound that is strong enough to fill larger rooms or cover more ground than the UE Roll 2. Like our other top pick, the Fugoo is durable but adds increased dust resistance and the ability to float in water. It isn’t as portable as the UE Roll 2, though, and its large size and relative heft makes it harder to carry than some other speakers. Even so, it’s portable enough for sharing great music with friends around the house or a day trip to the lake.

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