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FlipBelt and what it can hold while running

Flipbelt – The non-jiggle fitness carrying belt

I’m going to start this post off by saying that when I first saw the advertising video for the FlipBelt roughly a year ago on Facebook, I was highly skeptical. First off, I’ve never been able to keep keys, phones, and water bottles from moving around in a violent manner when I work out let alone run full speed! In some instances a protective cup is needed when trying to workout while carrying these items! So when this nice pretty video showcased a belt that could hold all of these things AND NOT MOVE, I scoffed at their claim.

A year later and trying to get into a shape other than “round” I’ve picked up running again. I despise running. Always have since I was little and had to run to train for soccer. I would rather do anything else but run. I know its advantages however, and needing to get healthy I’ve decided to bite the bullet. One of the reasons I despise it so much is the boredom I face. Sure, running somewhere new is fun and distracting, but that’s not always an option. So to keep me going I reach for my phone to play music while I run. I tried to run and carry my phone but a few sweaty grips and dropped phone instances later I knew I had to get something to hold it.

I did some research. The number of fitness “fanny packs” on the market is astounding. Sticking to my vow to never wear a “fanny pack” after the age of 8, I knew there had to be another option. Then I remembered the video of the in-shape people jumping around and running with the FlipBelt. A little bit more research…ohhh they even make their own FlipBelt water bottles too…Sold. I was an easy sell what can I say.

FlipBelt and what it can hold while running

So let’s get to it. The FlipBelt impressed me. My very first run I choose to fill up my 12oz. FlipBelt water bottle and also carry my iPhone 7 plus. So yeah I was fully loaded! Still had room for keys if anyone is wondering. It took me a bit to find the right positioning of the belt but only due to the weight of the water bottle and my “shape”. The weight of the iPhone was like nothing. The best part of all I never felt them move. After my 3 miles run I was in shock. This thing really did hold my stuff and not beat me up about it. And the other great thing about this was that when I got home I just threw it in the washing machine!

Pushing 240lbs and being 6’2, I opted for their XL size belt. The material is stretchy but sturdy so it doesn’t feel loose even though I’m at the base end of the XL sizing chart. The design of the FlipBelt holds your items close to your body flat so they become a part of you and therefore don’t jiggle all over the place. You can place items all around to fit best to your body and activity. At just a bit over $20 for the size I got, this was one hell of a deal. So if you guys are looking for the solution to running and fitness carrying problems, then this is the right way to go! Plus its just in time for the holidays and those new year’s resolutions!