No-Shave November and Movember are here!

For years when Movember and No-Shave November rolled around I scoffed at the guys I saw, who I thought were just trying to be cool, by growing out some facial hair. I thought it was some hipster type movement where guys were trying to just be trendy. This was until recently when a group of people at my job, which is really into charity and good causes, asked me if I was going to be participating this year. Like it was some kind of formal event. Which got me thinking, what is the history of Movember and this No-Shave November movement?

So it turns out a small group of guys in Australia started the initial Movember idea back in 2009 and gained some popularity for their mustaches. A few years later there was another group who did something similar to raise awareness for kittens I think as they sold shirts that said Whiskers for Whiskers or something like that. Anyways this whole idea of men growing facial hair in a unique manner was the start of something powerful it turns out.

Quickly the growth of facial hair for men in November spread across the globe. Today there are two causes that men participate in. Movember which is the growth of a mustache and usually a unique mustache and No-Shave november where men forgo shaving to raise awareness for men’s health issues. From my understanding Movember is for prostate cancer awareness while No-Shave is more so a general cancer awareness and to also take the savings from shaving to donate to a cause.

So now knowing this, I have dropped the razors and shaving cream to let it grow…It’s not too late for you to jump onboard as well. You’ve got a solid 2 weeks left and even if your facial hair is barely casting a shadow, hopefully you’ll be well informed to raise awareness and donate to some worthy causes! I leave you with my 2 and half week No-Shave November beard!




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