Stance socks for men

Stance Socks – Step into the new age of socks

Socks. They used to just come in a handful of colors white, brown, black, and maybe blue with a handful of cuts. These days socks are fashion. They’re an extension of your outfit and your personality and blah blah blah sorry but that’s just not who most of us men really are.  If you’re like me you’re not going to justify spending the extra few dollars on a pair of socks that have some cool mural on them or fancy design especially for gym socks.  But Stance socks, they did something different. They took the cool edgy design world of hip socks and meshed it with performance footwear.

Like I stated previously I’m not one to make sure my sock game is “fresh to death” or “on-point” as the kids might say. My gym socks consisted of whatever athletic socks were in the check out aisle at my local Marshall’s. I can’t stand basic socks that don’t have the support and comfort I need so I do tend to gravitate towards athletic functioning socks as it is. I get them at Marshall’s because well it’s cheaper, plain and simple. This is how my relationship with Stance socks began.

I grabbed a pair of athletic Stance socks on a whim one day. They were grouped in with the other athletic socks but I think the design actually did draw me in, but what sold me was the quality. For those of you who’ve purchased ski socks before you know that if you go out on the slopes with garbage socks especially with rental boots…you’re gonna have a bad day.  So I felt them, I felt the thickness and texture and stretch. These weren’t like the other athletic socks. They were actually supportive, but flexible. They were thin but not paper thin. Everything about them said you will enjoy wearing these. To be honest I wasn’t thrilled about wearing socks that screamed look at me, but I’m not the type to really care what people think of me in the gym.

Stance athletic socks for men

Stance socks for men

Day 1 of wearing my Stance socks was pretty great. I lift in black chucks. Im a simply guy, but these socks made it feel like I had a personal trainer custom make socks for me out of some pre-wrap and tape. They supported my arch, my ankle and my calves. Squats and Dead-lifts were no problem. My feet felt like they were gifts from the greek gods.

I have to admit, I’ll be buying more of these socks. Yeah I might still stalk the Marshall’s check out line to save some money, but they’re well worth the full cost and then some. This company has done a great job at taking performance socks to the next level with high quality materials and design and adding in some pretty impressive fashion. Many athletes are getting behind this company and for good reason. Do yourself a favor and next time you go to grab a 12 pack of one size fits all white crew socks, get some socks that are actually worth it.

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