Revamp your Gear!

Technology has come a long way since the first days of exploring the great outdoors! We’ve got lighter shoes, more durable gear, and better all around equipment! We are going to take a look at some new ways to use old gear and lighten up your load and improve the gear you’re already using!

First, let’s go with an easy one. Shoes. Lighten your load and upgrade to a pair of mid cut boots with synthetic uppers. I really like theseĀ low cut hiking boots. First off the lower weight of these will really save your back. The leg acts as a sort of pendulum when hiking and any extra weight can really add up. There’s a saying that’s something like a pound on your feet is 10 on your back. Don’t quote me on that though!

This one may not apply to all of you, but when I was much younger I was gifted a hatchet to go into the woods and use on all of the wood needed…carrying a hatchet in your sack though adds weight. Switch it out for a wire saw. It’s super light weight and takes up a lot less space!

Flashlights are necessary but with the help of technology, we’ve been able to get much lighter ones and save some space by investing in a headlamp! They’re much easier to use too and use much smaller batteries. Try to get ones that have a strap that goes on the top of your head otherwise they can tend to slip down the front of your face and that’s no fun when you’ve got your hands full of wood in the middle of a dark trail.

This tip is less of an old gear tip and more of a storage tip. Re-package your food. Most food comes in some durable container, but you don’t have to keep it in there. Repack the food into ziplock bags or find lightweight water bottles for liquids. This will light your load and save on packing space. This is a good tip for flights too!

Last but not least is more of a survival help tip that’s practical. Real parachute cord is rated at 550 lbs. The outer sheath is rated to 200 lbs that holds 7 interior strands which are rated at 50 lbs each. So for every 3 feet of cord you have 25 feet of rope. 3 feet is the minimum shoe lace length for shoes with 5 eyelets and most boots have more so you can tack on some extra and increase your length. That’s at least an extra 50 feet of rope right on your feet! Never be caught without rope again!

I hope that you’re able to take some of these tips and tricks and put them to use on your next adventure. Any ways that you’ve upgrade or changed your old gear? Leave a comment below.

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