Top 3 ways to use vinegar to maintain your home

Top 3 Ways to use Vinegar to Maintain Your House

Let me start this off by saying I was never one to believe hype about natural cleaning products, my method of selecting a cleaning product was following whatever the bottle in the store said. Now that we got that clear, let me tell you why I’m now a firm believer in using Vinegar with the top 3 ways to use vinegar to maintain your house!

  1. Vinegar to clean tile floors. Living in Florida, tile is my go to flooring. It’s cool, durable, looks great and is easy to clean….or so I thought. About 5 years ago, I had bought my first fixer-upper and replace all of the old flooring with tile. We decided to go with a bone color grout just for proper visualization. Tile is supposed to be easy to clean, well it is, but the grout is another story. Grout is extremely sensitive and can trap dirt very easily. One of the reasons grout can get so dirty so fast is that when using a cleaning product with some type of “soap” the residue gets trapped inside the grout. This leads a sort of sticking substance for future dirt to get caught in. So after only about a year of living here you could see the “high-traffic” areas that were trapping more dirt in the grout even with cleaning. This is where Vinegar comes into play. The vinegar is a great way to clean your tile and grout without leaving behind the sticky residue for your grout to continue trapping more dirt! In my current home we’ve been here for about 3 years and the grout still looks the same color as the day we got it in ALL areas! Now the question is how to use the Vinegar to clean…honestly people make up all these calculations and one part vinegar, 3 parts hocus-pocus, 8 gallons of water blah blah blah I’ll tell you what I do. 1) Get a bucket that you’d use to mop your floor. 2) Pour in enough vinegar to fill the bottom about half an inch 3) Fill up with water a little more than half way to 3/4. It’s really not rocket science. I’ve actually come to enjoy the smell that the Vinegar solution leaves when I’m done cleaning and hey it’s a safe cleaner to use in a house with kids or pets.
  2. Vinegar to keep A/C lines clear. Living in South Florida, my A/C is running year round and a down A/C is not something I ever want to deal with for even one night! If you’re not familiar with air conditioning units, they commonly have a condensation line that carries the water from the unit outside of the house. This water needs to have a clear line other wise it will get blocked and can flood your home and/or shut off the air conditioning unit. Most of these lines I’ve seen are PVC and to clear some of the lines I’ve had to actually use bleach and a hose. The hose was important to use water pressure to clear out the blockage after the bleach broke it down and necessary to rinse out the extra bleach. Here is again where Vinegar comes in. You see to best maintain these lines and make sure you don’t have blockages, you simply pour about a cup or so of Vinegar down the A/C line opening. This keeps the build up clear and it doesn’t cause any breakdown of the PVC. I’d say you can do this once a month to once a quarter depending on how much your A/C runs.
    Air conditioning unit condensation line cleaned with vinegar

    Condensation line of AC unit.


  3. Vinegar to clean glass. Now this one is a little bit more outside of my realm. Windex used to be my go to for sure but lately I kept just getting annoyed by the streaks and the feeling it would leave on the glass after. So the wife came up with a solution that I think has worked amazingly. All we do is get one of those spray bottles from home depot that are like $.97 and put in a small amount of vinegar and a small amount of rubbing alcohol and fill up the rest with water. It’s kept our windows and glass tables spotless and streak free. It doesn’t leave a film on them either which is nice to feel instead of touching a glass table feeling like you just got greased up.

So there you have it, my Top 3 ways to use vinegar to maintain your house! Save some money and buy a big jug of Vinegar and you won’t have to spend money on those fancy house hold cleaners that advertise how powerful they are. If you have any other uses for Vinegar that you like to use to maintain your house, leave a comment.

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