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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Tackle edition

Shakespeare Rod and Reel Combo for Bass

My fishing rod collection has been neglected lately and more specifically, my freshwater rod and reels were pretty much nothing.  Now I live in South Florida, where some world class bass fishing is and I actually live on a pretty large lake. So I was sad to say it had been quite a while since I did some good quality fishing in my own backyard.  I decided I needed to at least get some freshwater gear and had hear about the Shakespeare rod and reel combos.

Heading down to the local Bass Pro shops in Dania Beach near Ft. Lauderdale, I said let me just get something to catch some fish. I prefer to seriously invest (not too seriously) my money in my salt water gear so I wasn’t looking for anything too pricey. I also was not in the mood to string my reel or go look through all the freshwater lure options, nope, I wanted easy. I mean it was a Saturday afternoon and I just wanted to throw in a line and hook up with a nice bass.

After making my way through the maze of rod and reel options they had I found just what I was looking for. The Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo was exactly what I needed! At only $29 I couldn’t go wrong! So I bought two! Because hey…my gift card from previous holidays needed to be used!  The Shakespeare Rod and Reel combo literally had everything I needed and more.  It came preloaded with Stren fishing line ready to go. I liked the length of this medium action rod too! Now the reel isn’t as durable feeling as I am used to with my salt water reels, but when you cast it sure it smooth. It actually is pretty powerful too when it comes to fighting the fish. You can feel some of the plastic parts on the drag knob but for a basic fishing rod this was great!

Shakespeare Catch More Fish Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing Reel with Stren fishing line from the Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Combo


The fishing tackle kit that came with the Shakespeare Rod and reel combo was specifically for Bass. I loved the Berkley power bait soft plastics! Those are my go to lures! The spinner baits, weights, worms and crank baits have also shown that they’re ready to pull in fish!  I’ve had this rod for 2 weeks, used it only a handful of times and caught fish with every lure type!

Shakespeare Catch More Fish tackle box including spinner baits, hooks, and Berkley Power hair soft plastic lures

I know that this Shakespeare rod and reel won’t last me forever, but I can say it’s already done more than I hoped for. If you guys have any other Bass combo rod and reels to recommend leave a comment! Also what is your favorite freshwater lure?  I’ll share my video review of this rod on my YouTube channel soon.