Man Creates review

Man Crates – The BEST Man’s gift ever!

I’ve been meaning to getting around to sharing this product with you guys for a long time now. This is perhaps one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever gotten as a guy in my entire life. It’s not some super crazy expensive gadget, no…its a fucking wooden box! That’s right I was given a crate for my 30th birthday and I loved it! Not just any crate though this came from Man Crates. Visit them here.

I’m not going to take too long to set the scene or anything but imagine some chic modern restaurant at a fancy hotel on the beach here in South Florida. There’s about 25 people watching…I say watching because I was putting on a show! What show was I putting on you ask? I was showing how to bust this Man Crate open!  You see Man Crates are real wooden boxes sealed with wood glue and nails.  Don’t worry all Man Crates come with their own small pry bar to bust open these crates. So here I was pounding away in the middle of this nice restaurant with my small pry bar.  Eventually after some strategic prying I busted out my prize.

Each gift comes with your choice of gear. Mine happened to be a Fishing crate. The “Bass Whisperer” to be exact! It had multiple lures, a scale, pliers, and some sunflower seeds. Oh I can’t forget the 6 pack soft coozie carrier!

Man Crates beer carrier from bass whisperer

They have multiple different categories to choose from. Everything from outdoors to sports, from cooking to drinking! They’re priced very well too!  For example most Man Creates range anywhere from $19 up to the $100+ range. This is not bad considering you get a bad ass little package containing the perfect gifts that any guy would want! I mean when is the last time you saw a guy open up a gift with a pry bar? I really think this is one of the best gifts for a guy! See what mine is like here:

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