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workout supplements by Chaos and Pain product review

Chaos and Pain: Super Supplements

I’ve been working out for a little over 10 years and have never come across a company or product like Chaos and Pain. Just visiting their website,, feels like you’re stepping into an underground gyms built for men like “The Mountain“!  The names of their products for example inspire stuff of sick psychotic legendary villains! I mean right on their homepage is a banner for “Cannibal Genius” which is explained as a supplement “For when you feel like saying aloud, “I’m so f@#*ing smart that I make smart people feel like they are retarded.” This should give you just a peak at who this company really is!  They make products that go above and beyond and they’re designed to make you into a legitimate HULK!

The company does things differently than most supplement companies. They have decent prices! They don’t hide behind labels and are fairly transparent at what you’re ingesting. This is a very good thing. They offer multiple warnings that their products are not for the weak or timid. This is NOT a marketing tactic. Their products are no joke and will CHANGE you!  Some of their products have been controversial but they still fight to make legal supplements for those looking to make changes!

The company really does put out some extraordinary supplements that are really quite unique.

For example take a look at the Cannibal Permaswole:

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout Supplement Product Review

The description alone makes you feel like you’d be a beast walking through doors instead of opening them and having a pump to make you feel like lifting cars…ALL DAY LONG! The truth it, it IS an amazing pre workout! I love the fact that its stimulant free too!

One other cool supplement is Helios:

Joint support health and fitness supplement Helios from Chaos and Pain

Some of you may be thinking “Joint support? Pshhh Who needs that?!” Well the answer is quite frankly those of us who actually lift heavy weight. Working out with heavy weight will give your joints a beating. This has an incredible blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients that will act fast and last a lot longer than those ibuprofen you’ve been popping. From someone who has knees barely intact after 16 years of soccer, this product is my saving grace in the gym and out!

Check out some of the other jaw droopingly awesome supplements that will blow you away! Oh and don’t forget to use code Fit4Life when shopping to get 20% off all Chaos and Pain products! Consider it a Christmas Present from Gear Guide for Men to you!

5 tips for men for healthy hair


With the end of “Movember” and the Holiday picture season in full swing, most guys may need to clean up a bit. A trip to the barber will usually do the trick! However it sometimes takes more than just a simple “clean up” to really have great hair! Guest blogger Victoria Howell shares these tips!

Every man wants to have fabulous hair, but not everyone does everything to have it. Learn how to take care of your hair properly!

  1. Right hairstyle

Model with undercut hairstyle

Good haircut should match your facial shape, drawing attention from flaws and emphasizing your strong sides. Lifestyle and profession should be also taken into account, when choosing a hairstyle.

  1. Cleaning routine

Hackpact #14

Shampoo your hair 2-3 times per week to keep it clean and avoiding lack of natural oils. Your cleaning routine should also include conditioner for proper hydration and nourishment.

  1. Wise styling

bad hair style for men

Hair styling products and heat appliances can definitely make your hair look awesome, but excessive exposure to these things can cause a lot of damage.

  1. Health maintenance

healthy food for healthy hair for men

Healthy hair means healthy diet. Protein, vitamins and natural fats from healthy food can contribute to maintaining great hair by imparting it with strength and shine.

  1. Regular trims


Regular trims help to keep your hair healthy, by preventing split ends and further damage. Visit your barber every 2-3 months.


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