5 winter toys and tools

5 Must Have Winter Toys and Tools

Winter can bring some nasty weather and for some of us it can last way, way too long. But what’s the saying? when life gives you lemons…grab vodka! No, but seriously! Grab something that will help you enjoy the wicked winter weather that comes this time of year. Here are the 5 winter must haves to help get you through this season with a smile on your face!

  1. Don’t slip: Falling on the ice is not cool. It can ruin your day and leave you with a nasty bruise or even worse put you in the hospital. The worst part is that you usually can’t anticipate this. So just as you’d throw some chains on your tires to get you to your destination safely, grab a pair of Yaktrax  and get out there and walk with confidence through the treacherous snow and ice covered sidewalks! These are perfect to put on any pair of shoes and they’re durable enough to last you all season and then some.
  2. Stay warm: If you enjoy spending time outside during the cold weather then you know how quickly your hands begin to chill faster than the rest of you. You also know how amazing it feels when you can keep them warm! Don’t settle for a single use hand warmer though or something that only last a few short hours! Invest in proper, steady long lasting hand warmth with the Zippo Hand Warmer. Granted you will need fuel for this, but it lasts between 6 and 12 hours! You’ll be nice and toasty all day long!
  3. Be the snowball king: When’s the last time you had a good snowball fight?  There is something about packing a snowball, throwing it, and watching it explode on impact that brings the kid out in all of us! Have a little fun with all this snow and become snowball king with a WHAM-O Snow Trac-Ball. Pack snowballs in a jiffy and then you’re ready to start slinging some snowballs!
  4. Don’t get snowed in: Snow can be pretty and white and fluffy, but enough of it and you can literally be trapped. For example the deadly avalanche.  If you live in a snowy area then you will without a doubt need to get a T-Wood Mini Shovel. It’s an amazing mini shovel built for avalanches. It also hides a hi-tensile steel blade inside the handle to cut away snow and wood.
  5. Keep moving: Every year there are plenty of people who get stranded in their cars during a snow storm. Sometimes this can lead to a dead battery. Here comes a great gadget to save the day and fits in your glovebox! The Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger  is small enough to stow in your car and powerful enough to bring it back to life! This amazing charger can start your engine roughly 15 times! Added bonus is the flashlight and 2 USB charging ports!

Hopefully with these things you will be able to survive and get through the cold days of winter with a smile on your face until you feel the warmth of spring!

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