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Brewsees: Polarized Beer Opening Sunglasses

I’ve been waiting to post this review for over 2 months. The reason…to really put these Brewsees sunglasses to the ultimate test I planned to take them on a trip to Jamaica I had planned. For some reason I’m a fan of clothing or accessories that double as a beer opener…boardshorts with bottle opener…check…sandals with bottle opener…check…credit card bottle opener…check! So when I heard about these killer shades I had to try them out. I am a fairly harsh critic when it comes to sunglasses so all that you read down here won’t be all pretty but it’ll be honest and the truth. I spend a lot of time on the water down here in South Florida, so I always get polarized glasses. My specs of choice are these Costa Del Mar CORTEZ Sunglasses. However I do have to admit they’re not always the most versatile when it comes to just relaxing and being social. For some reason I feel like wearing a pair of costas when you’re not fishing seems like wearing cleats when you’re not playing sports…maybe thats a bit extreme but I wanted something stylish yet functional.

These were the Brewsees I choose when I was offered a chance to review them:

brew sees bottle opening sunglasses

brew sees polarized bottle opening sunglasses

I thought they ended up looking pretty good. Here is a shot on my last day of the trip:

brewsees sunglasses for men and women as seen with Mabel Mullan

Yes my wife even got her self a pair for the trip! We both opted for grabbing a pair of the cords so we didn’t lose these bad ass glasses! They actually saved mine at least 3 or 4 times. This is actually an unusually high amount for me usually but I think due to the bottle opener at the back of the glasses the sides tend to be a bit longer than a normal pair of glasses and therefore don’t hang on like a normal pair so I would highly recommend grabbing the cords. I think that might have been the only con for these glasses was that when laying down as I did floating around my resort pool, the backs tend to stick out a bit too far or got bumped by my life jacket when I was out on the hobie cats.

Everything else about these glasses was great! They reduced the glare like any good polarized sunglasses should when looking into the water (not perfect but enough to make me happy), they held up great when paddle boarding and sailing (the cords saved these from going overboard a few times during this). I actually even felt they were better balanced due to the bottle opener being in the back to take some weight off the front of your nose so they were super comfortable!

Now the big draw to this is functionality right? Everyone wants to know can sunglasses really pop bottles and shotgun beers?! Yes and better than expected! I was afraid that the sunglasses wouldn’t be able to handle the torque from the bottle top, but the graveyard of Red Stripe bottles I left in my wake should attest to that! It’s sad to say I never got a chance to test out the shotgun capabilities of this but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! Take a look at the opener itself:

beer opener on the end of brewsees sunglasses

And of course this is how they get delivered:

beer coozie from brewsees

brewsees beer coozie

So all in all I’d say this is the most versatile active sunglasses for beer drinkers. It’s got the looks, the comfort, and the functionality! If these get into the hands of tailgaters across the country you’ll be seeing these pop up in stores all over the country! So pop some tops and throw your shades on! One of the best products I’ve ever reviewed!

Check them out in action and see me open a beer with them here:


AminoSculpt liquid collagen for better sleep and weightloss

AminoSculpt: Better Sleep leads to Lean Muscle and more

I first heard of using liquid collagen as a weightloss supplement from a health book I was reading that looked right out of 1992 complete with mullets and all. I was pretty skeptical but when I asked my local nutrition store owner and fitness expert he said its a great supplement to include in your arsenal of products to take. Out of the all the options I prefer AminoSculpt Sugar-Free Liquid Collagen. I had not done enough research the first time I took this product however and only ended up using it for about a week and a half, plus they had a horrible flavor back then!

The reason I stopped taking it was because I thought all it did was make me groggy in the morning and didn’t notice any changes in my muscle or weight. Fast forward 3 years to roughly 2 months ago. A little older and a little wiser I did some more research on this product. I discovered why this is so beneficial. Not only is liquid collagen great at repairing skin, hair, and supports joints and tissue, it also its great for helping you build lean muscle while you sleep.

The key here is that your body produces collagen naturally while you sleep and actually produces more of it when you’re younger.  The issue is that your body has to be in a deep enough sleep to produce this.  So now it makes some sense why you’d sleep like a baby as a kid after a long day and wake up refreshed ready for round 2! As an adult this really does help you get a more sound sleep, but be prepared this can put you down for the count. It took me a solid few days to get used to this because it makes you almost feel out of it in the morning because you’ve been in such a deep sleep.  Once you get used to it though you feel well rested and alert when you do wake up. I also notice that my knees (after numerous years of soccer and weightlifting) feel much better! Can’t say much about the hair…I mean it’s still there haha I do feel that my muscle is maintaining and possibly helping me lose the fat that I have.

They have improved upon the taste with this mango flavor as the original was puke-worthy to say the least! This isn’t quite as terrible and is ok to knock back quick. In a few weeks your body will start to maintain and build lean muscle that helps you to burn more fat.    Your body needs the rest to recover and this is a great product to help get you there! Get some of the best nights sleep you’ve had in years all while getting into better shape just by sleeping! (not entirely but it does help! haha)