Flip Reel by Squiddies: Reinventing Hand Line Fishing

The level of excitement that I have for reviewing this product is higher than a kid on christmas morning! A little bit of background on why I’m so excited. As some of you have read in my other posts like, How to pick the right fishing rod, I did not grow up fishing (saltwater or freshwater). When I was first presented with a hand-line fishing reel I thought it was a joke actually. I was informed this was in fact a way to catch fish, I felt pretty dumb.  I was told it was a Cuban Yo-Yo and it looked like this:

cuban yo-yo used for handline fishing

Jumping into the world of angling head first I grabbed this and took a swing at it…literally since that’s how to cast these primal yo-yo’s.  It was made from a hard plastic and was rough after years of use sometimes snagging the line. It did it’s job though by holding the line for me to spool manually as I fought fish after fish on the Florida Bay in the Florida Keys.  There isn’t much out there that compares to fighting a fish hand in hand. Yes battling a monster trophy fish on rod and reel can be exciting but the pure, unfiltered power you get to feel by hand-lining a fish is something that every angler should experience.

Squiddies has brought hand-line fishing back to life and improved it with the Flip Reel.  It took into consideration the open flaw of the Yo-Yo by allowing it to be collapsable.  They improved the grip so you can more easily handle the reel without slipping.  The built in storage for the hook and sinker mean less hassle when storing. And a built in line cutter is just an added bonus.

Flip reel by squiddies a modern handling fishing reel

storage features of the flip reel by squiddies for handline fishing

hook, line and sinker that comes with flip reel by squiddies

The flip reel comes with a hook, line and sinker already so you’re ready to grab some bait and catch some fish! They’re made from a sturdy rubber like material which helps it collapse but maintain its shape as well as float. The reel comes preloaded with 165ft. of 17lb. line.  The best part of all is they’re only $19.99! I mean how can you not want to get a Flip Reel for yourself! They also sell different type of sinkers and hooks and a lure ready to clip onto your Flip Reel! The only thing you have to decide is whether to get one in blue, green, orange, yellow or all of the above! I’ve already got 2 of these bad boys which are perfect for catching snapper under the bridges of the florida keys right from my kayak! Already caught a few catfish in my lake from my backyard too!


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