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Life Hacks for your car

Life Hacks for your Car

I haven’t yet touched on the topic of cars or trucks in this blog yet. Which stinks because it is something I really love! However I’m not a master mechanic so I try not to get in over my head when it comes to certain topics. I do want to share some simple life hacks for your car or truck that can help you out in your day to day driving life. No I’m not going to suggest things like re-routing your windshield sprayer lines into your car so you can have your drinks filled…cool thought though. No these are some simply tips and suggestions just to make your life easier in better when it comes to your car.


Have a large truck or just a tight space in your garage? Use half of a pool noodle and screw it to the wall where you open your door like the picture below. Save your doors, your walls, and your time from carefully opening the door each time worrying about if you’re gonna hit the wall!

life hack for your car by using a pool noodle in your garage to protect your car door

I may not speak for all the guys here but sometimes the inside of my truck can become a little RV of sorts. At all times I carry in my truck essential items like one full change of clothes, a tool kit, roadside repair bag, maybe even some non-perishable foods, and a towel/rag.  This means sometimes there can be some “debris” lets say from eating on the road or whatever I get into.  To keep the mess to a minimum it helps to have an actual garbage can by using a plastic Cereal Container like so.

life hacks for your car by using a plastic cereal container as a garbage can in your car

Aside from my truck I have a daily driver small SUV which is really more or less a CUV. This is my roadtripper vehicle, the one that I bought to get the 30+ MPG while still being able to fit 4 people and a cooler full of fish and luggage inside.  With that being said, a small vehicle makes you get creative with your storage space.  Need to fit a long item in there but can’t lay the seats down? Ran out of room in the back but have more stuff?  Use those extra few inches of headroom by either strapping bungee cords from coat hanger/oh-shit handle to the other and boom instant fishing rod holder! For the smaller items a mesh Cargo Net can be bungeed up there for added storage space.

Life hack for your car by using a bungee cord along the roof for extra storage in your car

Finding a car you like means you’ll most likely be keeping it around for a while. Some parts may not look the same as they did when it was new. For example those foggy looking headlights.  This once does require a little bit of extra scrubbing but should key word “should” get them looking new without having to pay for it.  Use a whitening toothpaste to cover the entire lens and thoroughly rub it in. Then once it has been completely covered rinse of with water.

Life hacks for your car by cleaning your plastic headlights with toothpaste

Now this next tip is for those of us with a vehicle which might be missing a part or two. Yeah so what I don’t have a shifter knob! Who needs buttons on a dashboard?! Well if you’ve somehow lost your cup holder in your car well then grab a shoe! It’s not pretty but it can get the job done and keep your big gulp from spilling fruit punch all over your “pristine” interior.


Now I don’t know about you but I’m not sure which spawn of satan invented the design of the keyring. But my battered fingers and finger nails will tell you that this solution is a saving grace! Use a staple remover to help you out to open the key ring for you.  Now most of you may not have a plethora of office supplies in your garage but I would maybe suggest grabbing a pair of Split Ring Pliers which I have for fishing purposes. They’re perfect for doing this job and you can bring them with you on your next fishing trip.

Life hack for your car keyring

Lastly, there is nothing more amazing in this world than a nice hot pizza! Wait how did we get to hot pizza? Heat warmers in your seat thats how! Huh? Yeah! Use your heat warmers in your passenger seat to help keep your hot pizza warm during the drive home from! Ok so its not a warming lamp or a brick oven but hey, every little bit helps so you can savor that nice melted cheese when you get home!

Life hack for your car to keep your pizza warm in your front seat


I hope you picked up one or two life hacks for your car that might actually help you out! Leave a comment with any life hacks for your car that you know of and share with your friends.

Why you should roll your feet out

Why should you massage your feet?

The old saying goes “kick off your shoes and relax”. There is a good reason behind this, your feet handle so much stress it feels good to kick them up and relieve some of the daily constant pressure they endure.  How come we don’t try to rejuvenate them more though? We roll out our entire legs, we massage our backs, necks, heck we even have scalp massagers…but are we taking care of our feet enough? Sure there are the expensive foot massagers and foot baths etc but they aren’t really getting in deep enough to work out the big issues. If you’re not rolling your feet out just like the rest of your body then you’re not taking care of the root of the problem.

Your feet are  the starting point of a line of connective tissue that run along the back of you up to the base of your skull!  This means that any issues with your hamstrings, calves, back and even neck can stem down to your feet! Now are you starting to see why taking care of the issues in your feet can make a big difference all over? If you need further proof here is this video showing the entire superficial back line of fascia, connecting from the feet to just above the eyebrows!  

Theres many different ways to roll out your foot and types of materials to use! Some people use a tennis ball or a golf ball, I like to use these Half Balls. It allows for me to really hit the spots I need and not worry about the ball rolling around. You are going to have to be your own masseuse just like when you roll out. Begin with the sole of your foot and work around monitoring any knots you feel and the pressure you can put on your foot. I personally recommend finding a knot and “sitting” on it for 30 seconds or until you feel the knot “break up”. Yes, this will hurt sometimes so much that you start doing a pregnancy breathing pattern while clenching your fists! When it’s all over though, you will feel a lot better because the base of your entire body has been relaxed and rejuvenated. Be careful not to do this too long or too hard as to damage your foot so please use common sense.

Be sure to add massage your feet into your regimen or do it while you watch TV and you’ll find yourself much happier!