Men’s Travel Duffel Bag Guide

As a high school graduation gift, I was given a moderately priced leather duffel bag from some Canadian family friends. I thought to myself two things: one-this is not a usual gift from these people but they usually have a reason for why they purchase such great gifts and two- why would I want a duffel bag? I had plenty of sports bags and gym bags from my years of playing soccer and typically used those for all my travel needs…all of them!

There comes a point however, in any mans life when he needs to grow up when it comes to what you travel in.  That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on some crazy duffel bag. There is a duffel bag for any trip, occasion, and personality.  A men’s duffel bag is the ultimate functional luggage piece. It can handle the simple overnighter to possibly a 4-5 day trip if you know how to pack right!  They’re extremely versatile and come in a variety of style and type. Here are some of the most common types and uses of men’s duffel bags.

Casual weekender: This duffel bag type usual comes in some sort of canvas material keeping is casual in nature but still isn’t a jansport backpack or old nike gym bag. It’s built for travel not sports equipment. The outside makes it durable and long lasting. The size allows you to fit all kinds of things like laptops, shoes, and your clothes! It’s a perfect carry-on luggage piece. The canvas materials allow this type of bag to come in the most wide variety of styles. For example this is a great Retro Canvas Weekend Travel Duffel Bag with a military style sack look or this Multi-Handle Travel Duffel . Looking for something simple and have a modern style? Try this Modern Casual Canvas Weekend Bag with it’s clean lines and simplistic styling you’ll had the perfect bag for you.

The adventure duffel: Perhaps your trips usually find their fair share of adventure which comes with you and your luggage braving the elements and getting a little scuffed up.  The duffel for you would come with waterproofing, extra durable materials, and still sophisticated enough to let people know you’re not just a lacrosse player going to a tourney.

You need something as tough as you and your trip are going to be. This Foldable Lightweight Waterproof Bag  checks almost all of the boxes and more! It’s durable enough to handle a few rock scrapes, the waterproofing will help shield you and your clothes from a sudden rain storm, and the fact that it’s foldable to stow away is just a great added bonus for your adventure lifestyle!

The business tripper: This bag is for the professional who needs a bag to match him weather he is in jeans and a button down or his power suit and tie! This bag would more than likely be in a leather material and doesn’t have 15 handles and zippers.  Keep things upscale but durable so that after a few trips, your bag doesn’t look like a ratty mess. Add some nice stitching and great design and you’ve got yourself a classic bag to last you years. Keep in mind though just as your suit doesn’t cost as little as your Levi’s…this bag may be the most expensive and for good reason. Take for example this Italian Calfskin Leather Travel Bag complete with brass hardware not just around the handles but on the bottom as well and you’ll find a nicely lined interior to protect your fine clothing.


There are plenty of other “types” of men’s duffel bags but these 3 should do the trick for you and allow you to have the right bag at the right time for the right occasion! Leave comment with you favorite duffel bag!


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