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waterproof speaker

Waterproof Speakers to keep the music going when wet!

With summer heat baking most of the country, I find myself being in and around the water every weekend! I might be kayaking, paddle boarding, or just relaxing at the beach and I’ve found myself wishing I had a better music source. However I’m not one to run the risk of trying to keep something dry around the water.  My rule is don’t take anything that can’t get wet along when you’re on the water. I’ve seen countless phones get ruined, speakers sink, and this could all be prevented.  Now there are cell phone cases now that are completely waterproof but I generally just use a dry bag. The issue is that I like to use my phone to play music.  Well my problems are solved with the creation of bluetooth waterproof speakers.  Now not all of these are made the same and a good water proof speaker is going to cost you between $50-$100.  You’re going to want to invest in a good speaker rather than throwing your money away at a “splash-proof” speaker that sinks and dies the first day out on the water.  Here are 4 different waterproof speakers that are perfect for the active lifestyle out on the water.

Miccus eXtreme SPX7: $50 This could be considered a base model bluetooth waterproof speaker. It has a battery life of 6 hours but realistically playing music at a decent volume it’s only going to last 5ish hours.  It comes with a handle to attach it to your gear, a bicycle mount, and a suction cup.  Careful with the suction cup, if it doesn’t have a good suction it could slide from the area you mounted it which could lead to damaging the internal components. This is meant to be waterproof and not necessarily your bang around speaker.

MediaBug Summit Rugged Water-Resistant Speaker: $65 Ok so this one is one the list because it is borderline waterproof. Key words water-resistant doesn’t mean take it swimming. However it does the job for most uses on the water.  The attachable key loop lets you attach it quickly and easily.  It uses advanced technology which I won’t get into which lets it have better sound as well as increased battery life: 14 hours! Another cool benefit is that the device actually can charge your phone as well. Even though its not water-proof, its got some great sound and cool features.

ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof SpeakerBest Speaker $78 This has the best of both worlds and then some!  A 10 hour battery life, rugged frame, high end clear sound and of course fully waterproof!  This also has a waterproof mic for hand-free calling as well! Another benefit is that the speaker is not strictly bluetooth, there is a wired listening option as well. This is our choice for waterproof speaker!

NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof Speaker: $100 This is the most expensive version but yet seems to fall short in certain areas. It does shine in others. It is designed to be a floating speaker or shower speaker. It isn’t your rugged outdoor bluetooth waterproof speaker and may not last if left in the elements. The output on this speaker isn’t as praised as some other speakers.  The strap that comes with is great for hanging in the shower though. Just not sure if it’s worth the $100 price tag.


These are just some choices to get you out on the water and enjoying some music at the same time.  This way you don’t have to stay dry to keep the music going! Do you have a favorite waterproof speaker we didn’t mention? Leave a comment.








dad-shoe for the men with dad-bod

Avoid the “Dad-Shoe”

It hit me a few weeks ago when returning from a business trip. If there is a such thing as a “dad-bod” now, then there is most certainly a dad-shoe. Now just like a dad-bod, the dad-shoe isn’t always exactly the same shoe however its usually an all-white or all-black shoe with no unique markings or styling that has been made the same for the past decade! An example might be the Nike Mens Air Monarch IV which has been one of the top selling shoes for years and no the sneaker heads aren’t buying them. Perhaps its the idea of versatility that these shoes possess to allow certain men to feel that they can wear them from the gym, to the sports field, to a date night with the wife…I mean they’re leather and bright white…that’s classy right? No. No it is not!

examples of the dad-shoe

Please understand I am not recommending men go out and begin buying matching shoes for their workout attire. Although Chucks do come in a lot of colors…I mean a lot! But back to the point at hand. Your “sneaker” ,as most dad’s might call, them should never double as a casual shoe.  I am not writing a fashion blog but I am writing this so men can learn to buy shoes for function and some fashion benefit. Technology has come a long way since most of these dad-shoes first hit the market and that means you’re not wearing the latest and greatest. Not that you need to be paying an arm and a leg for your gym shoes or everyday sneakers. It just means you need to upgrade for the same price as there are plenty of other options on the market for about the same price.

Gym/Athletic shoes should be chosen based on most often use. For example if you’re buying a running shoe to lift weights and occasionally do some light cardio and maybe a long distance run every now and then, you’re buying the wrong shoe.  That doesn’t mean to go and buy those lifting shoes with the wooden heel, it just means look to buy more of a cross training shoe. The Under Armour Strive IV Training Shoes are a great choice and hey look you get upgraded advances in shoe technology for about the same cost as the dad-shoe! And will you look at that! They’re not big and clunky and “gasp” they have color!

Casual shoes need to be versatile for everyday use to transfer from a possible casual business lunch to a night out on the town. Break away from the loafers and get something that shows you’re a little adventurous. This will not perform like an athletic shoe and they won’t look as stuffy as the shoes you wear to an office. So grab something simple enough to not scream metrosexual or anything else because if you’ve been wearing dad-shoes this long I doubt you’re the attention seeking type. This Original Penguin Men’s Quest Sneaker might be perfect for you. Now that’s not a bad modern looking shoe for about $50.

I know we’ve just doubled the average dad-bod guy’s shoe collection but trust me, you’re feet will thank you when you put on the athletic shoes and everyone in your immediate surroundings will thank you when you put on the casual shoes! So remember when your dad-shoes finally give out…don’t just order the same pair again!


Men’s Travel Duffel Bag Guide

As a high school graduation gift, I was given a moderately priced leather duffel bag from some Canadian family friends. I thought to myself two things: one-this is not a usual gift from these people but they usually have a reason for why they purchase such great gifts and two- why would I want a duffel bag? I had plenty of sports bags and gym bags from my years of playing soccer and typically used those for all my travel needs…all of them!

There comes a point however, in any mans life when he needs to grow up when it comes to what you travel in.  That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on some crazy duffel bag. There is a duffel bag for any trip, occasion, and personality.  A men’s duffel bag is the ultimate functional luggage piece. It can handle the simple overnighter to possibly a 4-5 day trip if you know how to pack right!  They’re extremely versatile and come in a variety of style and type. Here are some of the most common types and uses of men’s duffel bags.

Casual weekender: This duffel bag type usual comes in some sort of canvas material keeping is casual in nature but still isn’t a jansport backpack or old nike gym bag. It’s built for travel not sports equipment. The outside makes it durable and long lasting. The size allows you to fit all kinds of things like laptops, shoes, and your clothes! It’s a perfect carry-on luggage piece. The canvas materials allow this type of bag to come in the most wide variety of styles. For example this is a great Retro Canvas Weekend Travel Duffel Bag with a military style sack look or this Multi-Handle Travel Duffel . Looking for something simple and have a modern style? Try this Modern Casual Canvas Weekend Bag with it’s clean lines and simplistic styling you’ll had the perfect bag for you.

The adventure duffel: Perhaps your trips usually find their fair share of adventure which comes with you and your luggage braving the elements and getting a little scuffed up.  The duffel for you would come with waterproofing, extra durable materials, and still sophisticated enough to let people know you’re not just a lacrosse player going to a tourney.

You need something as tough as you and your trip are going to be. This Foldable Lightweight Waterproof Bag  checks almost all of the boxes and more! It’s durable enough to handle a few rock scrapes, the waterproofing will help shield you and your clothes from a sudden rain storm, and the fact that it’s foldable to stow away is just a great added bonus for your adventure lifestyle!

The business tripper: This bag is for the professional who needs a bag to match him weather he is in jeans and a button down or his power suit and tie! This bag would more than likely be in a leather material and doesn’t have 15 handles and zippers.  Keep things upscale but durable so that after a few trips, your bag doesn’t look like a ratty mess. Add some nice stitching and great design and you’ve got yourself a classic bag to last you years. Keep in mind though just as your suit doesn’t cost as little as your Levi’s…this bag may be the most expensive and for good reason. Take for example this Italian Calfskin Leather Travel Bag complete with brass hardware not just around the handles but on the bottom as well and you’ll find a nicely lined interior to protect your fine clothing.


There are plenty of other “types” of men’s duffel bags but these 3 should do the trick for you and allow you to have the right bag at the right time for the right occasion! Leave comment with you favorite duffel bag!


darkfin glove

Darkfin Glove: The Ultimate Water Glove!

Almost every water sport has some type of glove meant to enhance your performance in some way.  But all of them get blown out of the water (pun intended?) by the Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves.  Most gloves are made from a woven type of material which can get heavy when wet or maybe its a water resistant material but it ends up lacking dexterity. The darkfin glove handles those issues and then some! Another benefit is that you don’t just pick based on the old small, medium, large scale! There are 12 total sizes to choose from because let’s face it hands are not just small medium and large.

Darkfin gloves

I tested these out on a little kayaking trip over the 4th of July weekend to see for myself.  After all, these are said to not only help you underwater but help you with almost any water sport. Now I didn’t get into any class III rapids on the intracoastal but the extra grip and fit helped me handle my paddle much better than ever before. It was a bit warmer than a typical cut off fingers kayak glove but the performance was 10 times better. It was if the paddle was glued to my hands. I did jump in the water and test out the webbed feature on these gloves because it is the striking feature of the glove. It was able to really get me moving through the water even through the strong currents!

The glove is dipped in a company protected secret “rubber” to protect it and allow it to be so flexible for dexterity and durability. They claim to have been studying marine life propulsion and aquatic sports to create such a wonderful glove for over 20 years. I don’t know what they’ve really been studying, they could have been watching episodes of flipper and a squirrel on water skis for all I care, this glove is amazing!  The idea to make 12 sizes is a great way to ensure the proper fit which most glove companies don’t do. They call this a propulsion glove and it really does do the trick! But whether you’re a…


Surfer using dark fin gloves


kayaker paddling with darkfin gloves


Scuba diver using darkfin gloves

or just a swimmer:

swimming with darkfin gloves

You can really improve your performance with these Darkfin Gloves!