We were offered an exclusive look at what will be one of the hottest gadgets for iPhones in 2015!  We are of course talking about the Reelcase iPhone case that launched its kickstarter program today.

The ReelCase was originally created to provide easy access for smartphone photographers. As they saw that most cameras had straps to keep the camera out and close to grab quick shots. Smartphones usually had to be dug out of ones pocket for this. With ReelCase you’ll be able to use it’s retractable lanyard to hang your iPhone around your neck or a bag for example. Its perfect for those looking to have their iPhone accessible when doing outdoor activities!

ReelCase iPhone case with retractable lanyard on ski lift

The lanyard can be retracted at any point up to 28 inches and it’s made of a comfortable nylon material. The case itself is made of polycarbonate and TPU and will fit Iphone5/5s and Iphone6. You’ll be able to get it in 3 different colors: black, red and teal. Not only will it make life easier but it’ll protect your phone as well!

ReelCase being worn around the neck of a guy riding a bike through a city to protect his iPhone

This is a perfect solution for those of us wishing we were able to keep our phone out but not hold it in our hand. For athletes training this will allow them to keep it close by, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hikes without taking up valuable pocket space, and businessmen who need quick access to their trusted smart phones! No more dropping your phone every time you take it out of your pocket! The ReelCase is a great iPhone accessory. Jump on their kickstarted and pre-order yours!

Man on a beach wearing his iPhone in a Reelcase around his neck

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