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WOW Airlines $99 USA to Europe

WOW Air $99 from USA to Europe!

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In October of 2014, budget airline WOW Air announced it would be operating flights from Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik to Boston and Baltimore for as low as $228. This was a major announcement in itself and was very popular amongst US travelers itching to hop on board. WOW Air began operations in 2012 and has been a very successful, even though it does operate with an ultra low cost operating structure, which means it charges for almost everything!

Don’t be afraid though, this is not like some other budget airlines with poor customer service or treating customers like animals. Gear Guide for Men was able to contact an American using this airline throughout Europe and states that they don’t treat you like cattle. Here is his statement:

“The answer [We asked what people thought of the airline] is great. Just flew them to Iceland from Berlin (albeit not to USA, I do have experience with them). You don’t get treated like cattle such as on Ryanair either. I am an American, and do expect good customer service! Also flew Norwegian Airs new long haul from USA to Copenhagen which only cost $179, and although they used brand new Boeing Dreamliners, they don’t talk to you onboard unless you purchased food. They also have horrible customer service via their telephone hotline and limited hours. WOW Air was surprisingly great!” – Justin W.

WOW Airlines $99 from US to Europe

What’s even better news is like the title suggests, they are now offering flights as low as $99 from the US to Iceland. The airline encountered a very strong demand from both sides of the Atlantic, which meant not only did they increase the launch dates for some flights but also lowered the rates! They will be departing from BWI as early as May 8 instead of the previous date of June 4. Plus instead of the original plan to use BWI as only a seasonal route it will now offer year round flights.

For years there has been notoriously limited options when flying from the US to Europe, which drove costs up. This could be the reason why WOW Air has been so successful in this market. The $99 deals are not on every flight however and those seats do sell out very fast when they are offered. So Bargain hunters better be on top of your game! Still, their rates are very reasonable and as we’ve heard first hand from an American passenger Gear Guide exclusive, it’s not a bad airline either. If you have thoughts on budget airlines, WOW Air or other international travel tips, then please leave a comment below.

The fusion of performance and apparel™: Reel Fish Outfitters

The folks over at Reel Fish Outfitters were nice enough to send over a few of their products, in exchange for our honest opinion, knowing how much we are into life on the water! Down here in sunny South Florida gives us access to multiple ocean adventures; fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, spear fishing, lobster diving, surfing, boating, and of course sipping margaritas watching the sun set.

Reel Fish Outfitters is a company on a mission to produce Professional Fish Fighting Apparel™ like SUN TEK-5™ while showcasing the works of the Reel Fish artists. Their tag line is exactly what their mission is, The Fusion of Performance and Apparel™. One of the other great reasons why we support this company is that is a US Veteran owned company that also devotes time to volunteering and supporting all of those who served.

Let’s get into some of their great gear! Below are some of the cool products that we were sent!

Reel Fish Outfitters Koozie

Reel Fish Outfitters Koozie

Reel Fish Outfitters Koozie

Reel Fish Outfitters Koozie

Reel Fish Outfitters License Plate

Reel Fish Outfitters License Plate

Reel Fish Outfitters Vehicle Sticker

Reel Fish Outfitters Vehicle Sticker

Reel Fish Outfitters Neck Gaiter

First off in the hot florida sun, if your drink doesn’t have a koozie on it, then you better be chugging it! This koozie not only looks great but it’s collapsable and looks great! The license plate is a really cool way to show your support of your favorite hobby and/or brag about how great of an angler you are! The vehicle sticker decal just looks plain cool! Rather than make an attempt to model the neck gaiter myself, the professionals over at Reel Fish had a much better alternative to show off what they sent to me. It’s made of the great SUN TEK-5™ material which is moisture wicking, UPF 50+, antimicrobial, lightweight, and breathable…all of these things are extremely important when on the water all day in the intense sun! We can’t wait to test this bad boy out!

They’ve got plenty of other gear too! They’ve got hats, shorts sleeve shirts, long sleeve, and performance apparel shirts too! The performance gear is made with the same SUN TEK-5™ material as the neck gaiter and the designs are really cool. Be sure to check out the electric tuna design!

This company knows what fisherman and ocean lovers want and need to be comfortable on and off the water! Be sure to check them out and follow them:

9 health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Healthy shots? Apple Cider Vinegar

If you haven’t heard of all of the incredible benefits that Apple Cider Vinegar has…where have you been hiding? Just kidding. It has been the latest craze some might say, but this home remedy of many has really been around since at the least 1950s when it was popularized by D.C. Jarvis’ book “Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor’s guide to good health”. Now most of these are not by any means scientifically proven but it is considered a sort of health tonic and can help with a variety of health issues.

  • Mouthwash– Some people swear that mixing apple cider vinegar with water with reduce bad breath by swishing it around in their mouth (sounds interesting)
  • Sore throats– You can either sip this or gargle this as a remedy to soothe a sore throat. To sip mix a tablespoon with note water and some honey. To gargle mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with warm water. Both done as soon as you have the first signs of a sore throat
  • Prevent Indigestion– This seems like you’d have to carry a small vial of Vinegar at all times for this one but if you find yourself about to eat a meal that you’re pretty sure is not going to agree with you, then throw back a tsp. of vinegar mixed with a tsp. of honey in a glass of warm water about 30 mins. prior to eating
  • GI distress– The antibiotic properties in this vinegar may help some people who have bacteria causing diarrhea. The pectin may also help intestinal spasms too. For these issues take 1-2 Tbsp in water or apple juice and drink.
  • Acid reflux– Acid reflux is commonly mistaken as the result of too much acid but it actually is not enough.To treat this it is recommended to take 1-2 tsp. daily
  • Hiccups– This is kind of laughable, because every trick for curing the hiccups is like drink water upside down while hummed the alphabet and rubbing your belly. Supposedly one tsp. of apple cider vinegar does the trick
  • Itching– Most of us men have been bitten by a mosquito at least once in our lifetime and according to some claims, a dab of Apple Cider vinegar applied via q-tip is said to stop the itch from these pesky bites
  • Lower Glucose Levels– This is directly correlated with helping diabetes by lower glucose levels. This actually was scientifically tested and it helped lowering levels by about 4-6% by taking 2 Tbsp before bed.
  • Weightloss– We regretfully add this on here only because we know that the only sure fire way to lose weight is caloric deficiency. However this, if used as a condiment, is said to leave people feeling fuller thus eating less food.

So those are just some of the many different benefits of this terrible tasting tonic! This is why a shot of vinegar in the morning will get you started without having to suffer too much! Grab Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar here. Do any of you have any success stories from using this? Leave a comment

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Fruit punch flavored Bullnox preworkout

BullNOX Pre-workout review

Many of us will be starting 2015 off with some great and incredible health and fitness plan. This is a good start to getting into shape but be sure throw in Betancourt Nutrition‘s BullNOX Androrush and you’ll be set! Now many of you may say, “well it’s not that simple” or the obvious “it’s really about nutrition” but there are many reasons why BullNOX  solidifies any workout plan.

Preworkout supplement bullion for that extra boost during your workout in the gym
One of the top excuses from people who struggle with getting into the gym and getting a workout done is lack of energy. Let’s just say this, BullNOX not only gets the engine running, but it enables you to continue you running on high through your entire workout.  It doesn’t give the energy burst and crash of some energy drinks, which is crucial for when you’ve got the last set of a heavy bench press held above your face! Personally I use this before my 5 AM workout and from personal experience I would recommend using this with a tiny amount of food in your stomach. The directions say relatively empty stomach, which means to me don’t eat a turkey dinner before workout( just be smart)!

See for yourself:

This is one powerful pre-workout designed to get you into the gym and to crush your workout. See, with this, you will almost need to workout once you’ve taken it. Thus allowing you to burn off any extra calories, build muscle and burn fat! What makes it so powerful and special is the combination of N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Theobromine that allows for sustained energy. This is the first pre-workout nitric oxide with a testosterone boosting blend to provide increased aggression and “pump” through the workout.

It tastes great and my personal favorite is the fruit punch, so people will be able to swallow this supplement with ease. If you have trouble getting into the gym and finishing your workout, then this is, hands down, a great solution! To start off, I would recommend not using the full serving size to get accustomed to the power that this packs.  It will lead to a higher rate of workouts and overall more effective workouts, which means a higher likelihood that you will stick to your New Year’s weight-loss resolution! Do you have a favorite supplement to use for weight-loss? Leave a comment!

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