Microsoft Fitband

Microsoft Fitband: did we need another fitness band?

Apparently there was a meeting that took place between the watchband makers of the world and technology leaders of the world. The technology leaders must has felt so incredibly sorry for the watchband makers due to no one really buying watches anymore because everyone uses their smart phone to tell time these days. I say this because every tech company these days is coming out with some wearable bracelet/watch to do some function that a phone would usually do. The latest to jump on this bandwagon is industry mega-giant, Microsoft. Before you say oh didn’t Apple just come out with the Apple Watch? Yes, yes they did but here is the kicker!  This Microsoft bracelet is not targeting the Apple Watch so much, it’s actually targeting fitness band companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and the Nike Fuelband. To be honest it looks like it’s going to really tackle both markets in way.

The athletic and fitness band industry has been going back and forth for years between multiple companies rivaling over who has the latest and greatest, but the Microsoft fitband may have just said “Check-mate”.  The outside is impressive with full color touch-enabled display, so text, call and email notifications can be read. Of course it acts as a watch and connects to its host using Bluetooth 4. But what launches this device ahead of its predecessors is what’s inside.

The components that make this fitband so much better are things like the GPS tracker built in to better track your movements,  as well as a UV sensor to monitor sunlight exposure.  The skin temperature monitor and the optical heart rate monitor also make the fitband stand out amongst the crowd. Keep in mind this isn’t just a fitband, as it allows the user to access Twitter, Facebook, calendar, weather, and yes, even stocks.  The Windows 8.1 user will even be able to connect to friendly helpful Cortana!

Microsoft Fitband

Image: Microsoft

The fact that this device will actually be cross device compatible with Android 4.3 and 4.4, iOS 7.1 and later, and Windows 8.1 means that users don’t really have a reason why they wouldn’t prefer this over any other device like it! As the icing on the cake, Microsoft has introduce a cloud-based health service that collects data with the idea to give “personal insights so you can reach your fitness goals.” And all of this is going to start at only $199 which is on par with some of the other fitbands and much less than the Apple Watch.

So all in all we didn’t really NEED the Microsoft Fitband, but damn now we kind of want one!

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