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Yoogo: brass knuckles on a key chain?!

This post may be a bit short, but only because there isn’t much to this cool self defense tool.  It’s a simple idea which literally packs a powerful punch.

Let’s face it, most normal people don’t look for fights and if you ever get into a fight in the street you better have a quick way to put your attacker down because there aren’t refs or ropes or rules in a street fight. Plus 9/10, if you’re in a street fight you are probably being attacked. For those 1/10 of you who are the attacker please stop reading…and go seek help.

For the rest of us, we just want to make it out alive and as unharmed as possible. Most of us aren’t trained fighters and heck most men in the world these days are hardly in shape enough to handle a brutal beating. Here is where the Yoogo self defense keychain comes in!

This small little tool allows you to pack one hell of a punch without carrying around some type of weapon all day and it simply attaches to your key ring. This video effectively shows you how it works and what it can do for you when the times comes.

It has an ergonomically correct design which allows it to fit right in your hand but still protects your hand when in use.  This is a great item for any guy (and gal) to attach to their keys.  Self defense unfortunately is something that we all need to be aware of these days. Actual self defense instructors claim not only is it lightweight but it’s very easy to use. This is important come time to fight or flight…you’re adrenaline won’t even give you the ability to think much, so you need something you can react with.

Do yourself a favor if you ever want to have a safe way to escape a fight or attack, grab the Yoogo. It’s under $20 and actually makes a pretty damn cool stocking stuffer too! I mean think about it…”oh ANOTHER golf ball self monogramer”…or “hell yeah the yoogo, now i can kick ass all day long”…or something like that!

Grab yours here:

SylvanSport GO just might be the best Pop-up camper/ trailer ever!

Let me first start out by saying that for some reason the idea of a pop up camper always seemed cheesy and almost dorky…I personally never liked the idea of a camper versus an actual tent. However time and technology has been able to change my mind when I was introduce to the SylvanSport GO pop up camper and trailer.

Most people opt for the pop up because its not big and bulky like an RV but offers the comfort and stability that a tent is lacking.  This ultra-lightweight pop up is towable even by a small hybrid car for christ’s sake! Talk about usability!  The latches and handles to make the GO function are even designed to be easy to use and operate.  The functionality is really where it shines though.  The conventional Pop ups were a standard box and you could possibly store bikes or kayaks on top if you were lucky.  The GO is a utility trailer allowing for storage on the inside during transport as well as on top!


With the motto on their site of “One trailer. Countless uses.” we believe them!  It can carry 10 mountain bikes or 10 kayaks and when you get to the campsite you’ve got room to sleep 4 people and 6 1/2 feet of head room.  It’s design allows for multiple variations of use and it has the perfect layout for a functional and spacious interior.  The term of “swiss army knife” of campers is pretty accurate.

Some specs to keep in mind for the long term are that it’s exo-frame made of lightweight aluminum and the fabric is 200d rip-stop polyester material to keep you bug free and dry!  The storage boxes will never corrode and are a durable polyethylene material. You’ve got a durable roof out of thermoformed ABS plastic and lightweight, high-strength panels for sleeping platforms that are hidden out of sight for storage.

I can’t explain enough how easy the GO is! It has a one step coupler for hitching and hydraulic assist when opening the sleeping pod! Even the trailer has a tilt deck to allow for easy loading!  A product that can offer so many uses really does hold its value!

Here is what you get:

The fully loaded SylvanSport GO camping-trailer, only $8,495. Includes:

  • SylvanSport Mobile Adventure Trailer and Tent System
  • 2 Bed/Table Panels – Allows up to six different interior configurations
  • 4 Self inflating mattresses – GO sleeps up to four, comfortably, on a King-and-a-half sized bed.
  • Awning Kit – adds 80’ of outdoor living space
  • Spare Tire Kit – Mounted securely underneath the Control-tilt Deck
  • Control-tilt Deck – Allows for ramp free loading of motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs and more

It really does have us sold that is the best pop up camper and trailer!

Microsoft Fitband

Microsoft Fitband: did we need another fitness band?

Apparently there was a meeting that took place between the watchband makers of the world and technology leaders of the world. The technology leaders must has felt so incredibly sorry for the watchband makers due to no one really buying watches anymore because everyone uses their smart phone to tell time these days. I say this because every tech company these days is coming out with some wearable bracelet/watch to do some function that a phone would usually do. The latest to jump on this bandwagon is industry mega-giant, Microsoft. Before you say oh didn’t Apple just come out with the Apple Watch? Yes, yes they did but here is the kicker!  This Microsoft bracelet is not targeting the Apple Watch so much, it’s actually targeting fitness band companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and the Nike Fuelband. To be honest it looks like it’s going to really tackle both markets in way.

The athletic and fitness band industry has been going back and forth for years between multiple companies rivaling over who has the latest and greatest, but the Microsoft fitband may have just said “Check-mate”.  The outside is impressive with full color touch-enabled display, so text, call and email notifications can be read. Of course it acts as a watch and connects to its host using Bluetooth 4. But what launches this device ahead of its predecessors is what’s inside.

The components that make this fitband so much better are things like the GPS tracker built in to better track your movements,  as well as a UV sensor to monitor sunlight exposure.  The skin temperature monitor and the optical heart rate monitor also make the fitband stand out amongst the crowd. Keep in mind this isn’t just a fitband, as it allows the user to access Twitter, Facebook, calendar, weather, and yes, even stocks.  The Windows 8.1 user will even be able to connect to friendly helpful Cortana!

Microsoft Fitband

Image: Microsoft

The fact that this device will actually be cross device compatible with Android 4.3 and 4.4, iOS 7.1 and later, and Windows 8.1 means that users don’t really have a reason why they wouldn’t prefer this over any other device like it! As the icing on the cake, Microsoft has introduce a cloud-based health service that collects data with the idea to give “personal insights so you can reach your fitness goals.” And all of this is going to start at only $199 which is on par with some of the other fitbands and much less than the Apple Watch.

So all in all we didn’t really NEED the Microsoft Fitband, but damn now we kind of want one!